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20 Million Dead from the Jab, 2.2 Billion Injuries – Analyst Estimates

“These numbers are beyond staggering.”

One of the big pieces of news to come out recently is this Substack piece from Peter Halligan, which then turned into an article by The Exposé.

Peter is a most-experienced analyst in the financial industry and is very skilled at looking at and translating statistics into a summary statement.

Now, the number 20 million dead sounds absolutely ridiculous at first glance, but when you dig into the data, it makes sense. Here is how Peter came to that 20 million number.

Peter’s Newsletter
20 million saved or 20 million killed
An article in the Lancet claims that 20 million lives were saved with the use of injections. (Note, the injections are not “vaccines”, they are gene therapies, that is therapeutics like Ivermectin, that should have been regulated as therapeutics. The manufacturers state this in their regulatory submissions and SEC filings…
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So, EU+US deaths (EUDRA + VAERS) = 13,972 + 46,999 = 60,971 deaths

and EU+US injuries = 854,084 + 6,089,773 = 6,943,857 (multiple per person, half of which are “serious”).

Multiply by 40 for URF (underreporting factor) and then (multiply) by 8 to “globalize” (the total number).

Global deaths are around 19.5 million SO FAR, and global injuries are around 2.2 billion.

Those injuries are likely to develop into “conditions” and then morbidities.

WHO do you believe?

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, an esteemed Canadian pathologist, joined Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson in a video interview, where he discussed these horrifying numbers.

These numbers are best estimates, at this point in time, using government data for the global consequences of the clot shot in terms of death and morbidity … Now, these numbers are beyond staggering. To contrast that with history, vaccines have typically been pulled from the market – the last one, the bird flu vaccine – was pulled with only 35 — three, five deaths.

I hope people can appreciate the scale of what is going on here. An unimaginable carnage WHICH ISN’T OVER because that number – first of all, is the current estimate. It does not include future deaths of a similar type, which will be cumulative on top of that.

It does not include stillbirths. It does not include those avoidable deaths due to having had a one-disease healthcare system for two and a half years, with people not being treated or investigated for cancer or treated for cancer, for example. Those numbers are not included. The numbers from the lockdowns, the suicides are not included. And also not included are the future deaths that we’re anticipating from a rapid increase in the rate of cancer presentations and fatal infections because of immune suppression induced by the clot shot. Those factors are IN ADDITION TO those jaw-dropping numbers that I just mentioned.


This is truly horrifying to think about, and there’s no doubt – this is a war on humanity. Those responsible and complicit in this crime against humanity NEED to be held accountable. Luckily, we have people like attorney Tom Renz, Dr. Henry Ealy, Dr. David Martin, and others working hard to make that happen.

Tom’s Newsletter
Justice - Accountability is Coming for All Things COVID
In my last article I asked what would be done about the creation of SARS-COV2. That article (read here) focused on political and public aspects of the question. I have and will continue to offer - for free - my assistance to any elected official that credibly wants to fight this but here am going to answer my o…
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But we can also do our part as individuals: resist, inform, and speak out against the narrative. The more people who are aware of what’s going on and emboldened by your courage to not comply, the greater chance we have to reach a “tipping point” and demand accountability before the next distraction hits.

Thanks for reading.

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And for the full interview with Dr. Roger Hodkinson, please follow the link below.

20 Million COVID Vaccine Deaths? Dr. Rodger Hodkinson [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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