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3 Reasons Why Nikki Haley Is Dead Wrong About Anonymous Speech

Nikki Haley wants to de-anonymize the internet in the name of “national security.” But Haley is also a “complete authoritarian.” Here are three reasons why she’s dead wrong on this.

Republican Presidential contender Nikki Haley, who has past ties to the World Economic Forum, made a series of dystopian comments Tuesday, saying internet users should be “verified” before freely expressing their opinions online.

Jordan Schachtel reported:

Nikki Haley went on television and declared that it was absolutely necessary to deanonymize the internet, justifying the idea as a “national security” prerogative.

"Every person on social media should be verified by their name" because of "national security,” she said on a Fox News voter panel.

According to Haley, it’s still not enough to make it illegal to be online and commit the act of speaking freely without publicly doxxing yourself. No, Haley took it a step further, demanding that surveillance tools are used to monitor and identify anyone using the internet.

Despite what Haley thinks, such measures go against everything that embodies what America represents. Here are three reasons why she’s dead wrong on this.

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