'Airmageddon': Dangerous Side Effects from the Jab Are Putting the Lives of Airline Passengers at Risk

"Safety on board a plane is no longer guaranteed because most of the flying crew is now vaccinated."

Every weekend in the airline industry now seems be an absolute disaster. People can't get anywhere because of 'climate change,' supply chain issues, FAA shortages, etc. However, what they always fail to bring up is the sudden pilot shortage.

German MEP Christine Anderson joins Steve Bannon to discuss the matter, and right off the bat, she jokes, "It's, of course, all Putin's fault ... Whatever goes wrong, it has to be Putin."

She then cuts right into the heart of the subject matter.

"So what actually is happening and what they will not talk about because that's an absolute 'no go.' It might actually be related to these ridiculous vaccines that were pushed down their throats during that so-called pandemic. The pilots or the flying crew that refused to get the vaccination were let go. They were fired, and the ones that did get the vaccination, it turns out [that] they may no longer be fit to fly, [which] is a serious issue.

What you're looking at, the associations with this vaccine, you are looking at myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clotting, brain fog, all sorts of things that could potentially render you unfit to do your job.

And when you look at the data collectors, like EMA, that's European Medicines Agency. The data shows within the first seven months of rolling out this so-called COVID vaccine, there were 20 times more severe adverse events reported and 23 times more deaths reported in regards to this COVID vaccine than all other vaccines combined in the last 20 years. So they should have pulled this stuff off the market right away.

The vaccine adverse event reporting system of the United States, VAERS, is basically showing similar data. And when we're talking about severe adverse events, we're not talking about some redness around the injection site or the arm hurting ... No, the definition of a severe event is basically hospitalization."

She then moves on to state how the regulatory agencies, for both flight and medicine, failed to do their job and look into the safety data of these 'vaccines.'

"And then when you look at the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities and the manufacturers' documents, they explicitly state, 'Well, there was no testing done as far as genotoxicity, mutagenicity, and carcinogenicity is concerned, because we assume there is no such thing' ... So the testing simply was not done.

So what we're actually looking at here is
[that] the safety on board a plane is no longer guaranteed, because most of the flying crew is now vaccinated. Otherwise, they wouldn't hold their job anymore."

Anderson then moves on to the reality of the pilot situation and how many who know they are unwell are afraid to come out.

"As far as the safety on board a plane is concerned, we need to talk to these pilots because what is happening is a lot of pilots do have symptoms, but they are hesitant to report it because they may lose their [pilot's] license.

So they trusted the government, they trusted their employers, they did the 'right thing,' so they thought. They got vaccinated, and now they're running the risk [in the event that] they do experience symptoms that may interfere with their ability to safely fly a plane, they will now lose their license to fly. So by getting vaccinated in order to keep the job, they actually put their job at risk.

And not only that, it's everyone stepping foot on a plane needs to be aware of the fact [that] there could be an issue."

The segment closes with this question from Steve: "Is there any action at the European Parliament that you're going to to initiate?"

MEP Anderson responds," We are just starting this now. They need to roll back all of these [measures of] pushing the vaccinations on people. We need to take a look at these severe adverse effects of these vaccinations.

There is a committee that was formed in the house here. It is supposed to look at everything that was done during this pandemic, but what they're doing, they don't want to critically question what we have done and what might have gone wrong. No, they just want to look at things and how brilliant they were and how [much] worse it could have gotten.

But people need to be aware [that] there is something big coming, and it will turn out to be the biggest crime ever committed on humanity."

You can follow the incredible Christine Anderson on Twitter or Telegram.

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