All This Fear for Monkeypox? Stand Up and Say NO to the Next Plandemic

"We know these declarations of emergency always precede the next wave of tyranny."

Surprise, surprise, Director-General Tedros has declared monkeypox a public health emergency of international concern. And he did so without a consensus among the experts on the UN health agency committee, the first time in history a Director-General has done so.

But first, let’s get up-to-date on monkeypox, so we can arm ourselves with knowledge should they try anything funny.

• Monkeypox is a variant of smallpox has been around since 1970. If it wasn’t a threat to us then, why would it be a threat to us now?

• The CDC, on their own website, says that asymptomatic spread is not something that happens. Please screenshot or save this photo because they will likely change it as the propaganda continues.

• It's also spread through sexual contact, and the vast majority of people who have it are homosexual and bisexual men, who make up less than 1% of the global population.

So how is this an emergency? Well — it’s not, and “we’ve seen this movie.” Dr. Peterson Pierre breaks things down nicely.

“We know these declarations of emergency always precede the next wave of tyranny. So this is a reminder that regardless of the virus, regardless of the propaganda, you must say no to lockdowns. You must say no to mandatory shots, and you must say no to fear."

Well said, doctor.

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