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Americans DITCH the Two-Party System, Now Basing Their Politics on Medical Freedom

My body, my choice. My child, my choice.

Americans Ditch the Two-Party System and Now Base Their Politics on Medical Freedom

My body, my choice. My child, my choice.

The issue of childhood vaccine mandates for public schools has long been disregarded as a topic that only “anti-vaxxers” care about. But after two plus years of COVID hysteria, a great awakening has spread throughout the world, and not only are people casting doubt on the COVID shot, but ALL vaccines have now come into question.

In a stunning article no one saw coming from the New York Times, author Sheera Frenkel depicted the sentiment of this rapidly-growing medical freedom movement.

Here’s the Headline:

How Some Parents Changed Their Politics in the Pandemic

They were once Democrats and Republicans. But fears for their children in the pandemic transformed their thinking, turning them into single-issue voters for November’s midterms.

Listen to this remarkable excerpt.

Nearly half of Americans oppose masking, and a similar share is against vaccine mandates for school children, polls show. But what is obscured in those numbers is the intensity with which some parents have embraced these views. While they once described themselves as Republicans or Democrats, they now identify as independents who plan to vote based solely on vaccine policies.

That’s right; we are approaching that 50% mark for no vaccine mandates of any kind required for school children. Just a few years ago, that number was a ‘fringe minority,’ but now that number’s becoming more mainstream and too large to ignore.


Now, the VAERS database has accounted for tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of serious adverse reactions. After two plus years of a fallible, at best, COVID response, what do voters have to say?

“This is absolutely dangerous!” one parent wrote. “This hasn’t been really tested and is NOT NECESSARY….OMG!”

…Previously a Democrat, Ms. Barsotti said elected officials had let her family down during the pandemic and planned to cast her ballot in November for candidates who were against vaccine mandates.

“If that is Republicans, so be it. If it is independents, fine,” she said. “I’m not looking at their party affiliation but how they fall on this one issue. It’s changed me as a person and as a voter.”

Fantastic to see voters turning around, going against the tribalism of party affiliation, the left/right divide, and focusing more on their core values and what matters to them. Believe me. The government doesn’t want you pointing the finger at them for their misdeeds; it’s much more convenient for them if you point it at your neighbor!

But anyways, I believe once we reach the ‘tipping point’ on these COVID injections, it’s only a matter of time before these long-standing vaccine mandates go down.

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