Approaching the 'Tipping Point': "What Starts Happening When Babies Start Dying?"

As well as double the messenger RNA in Pfizer's new boosters

During a roundtable discussion with Ed Dowd and Children's Health Defense, Dr. Meryl Nass explains that the new Pfizer boosters that were green-lighted by the FDA will likely have double the amount of messenger RNA. As shown with the Pfizer documents, more messenger RNA correlates with more side effects.

"The new boosters that FDA has told manufacturers to start producing and testing are likely to have twice as much messenger RNA in them as the original shots. So FDA has said we want to use the original shots, and we want to add an Omicron. Booster to that. So with more messenger RNA, it's very likely that the side effects will be significantly higher."

Ed Dowd jumps in, stating, "This is a disaster of epic proportions," recognizing that the powers that be will pin this to "long COVID, long COVID, long COVID."

He asks Dr. Nass if there are any actual peer-reviewed papers on long COVID, and it turns out the answer is NOPE! "Last I looked, they didn't even have a decent case definition."

After speaking out against the fraud, Ed Dowd details that he has developed a vast number of connections across several industries and notes that the "seeds of doubt" are being implanted in their heads, and eventually, what will happen is that we will reach the "tipping point."

"In all markets — I'm a financial market guy — there's always a tipping point. And I think we're slowly approaching the tipping point, and I think in the next six months, we hit it, especially if they keep rolling out these boosters and now that there are parents lining up to jab their babies. I can't imagine what starts happening when babies start dying. It's going to be horrendous."

Horrendous indeed. I can't imagine the shock a parent will feel when they see the harm first-hand.

To watch the full video of this excellent interview with Ed Dowd, click or tap the link below.

'Smoking Gun': Exposing the Medical Fraud With Edward Dowd [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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