Everyone please pray for protection around Tom Renz. He is from our state and has been fighting this since it started. You know the DOD and CIA are seething right now!!!! And we all know what the CIA is known for! Please pray without ceasing! He is a true patriot!

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Nov 17, 2023Liked by The Vigilant Fox

Attorney Tom ROCKS!

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Tom is an unyielding legal force. I am so glad to have him on our side.

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Lab leak is a backdoor way of legitimizing the pandemic. The official narrative of "Covid" is a fiction- all facets of it. They want you obsessing over origin. It’s a distraction from the policy-related slaughter of the last 3+ years.

The lab-leak theory serves the Deep State agenda in that it reinforces the idea that the virus is a real problem that needs to be solved, rather than a fear-based control narrative. "The Virus®" was not man- made in a lab in Wuhan. The "virus" was birthed in the corporate boardrooms of Intel/Pharma/Finance.

All of the “Covid deaths” are fraudulent and inventions from the Pharma/medical/media cartel. The vast majority are medical murder.

Reifying the Big Lie that there ever was a "pandemic" caused by a "unique viral pathogen" in 2020 covers up the crimes of what actually happened in the hospitals and nursing homes as well as provides cover for those who designed and executed this operation.

It is all a massive intel/military/psyop operation by the US-led West designed to wipe out the global economy and install a digitized control structure in the context of a 'hot' geopolitical economic war with China that is being waged by the West. All of this as the Western financial system was in total freefall culminating in the Repo crisis of 2019- this is what 'triggered' the engineered pandemic in March 2020.

The official narrative of "Covid" is a fiction- all facets of it. There was no pandemic ever- there is no "lab leak"- there is no "unique viral pathogen"- there is no "China Virus"- there is no "bioweapon"- There is no "There" there.

The urgent message that we must take from these past three and a half years is that we are under sustained psychological warfare and have been for quite some time.

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Spot on Allen. Thanks for making this severely crucial point.

This concept is graphically illustrated by watching hostile interviews of David Martin. They will try to take him off onto any number of trails ... existence of viruses or DNA or whatever other pile of horse pucky they can think of. Anything but the CRIME. But they are no match for him. How stupid and/or corrupt do you have to be to think you can ignore and/or cover up the biggest crime in human history? Keep firing brother ~~ j ~~

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PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION . . . Protocol X – Preparing for Power . . . (((SARS-CoV2)))

❝. . . utterly exhaust humanity with dissention, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases. by want, so that the “Goyim” see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.❞


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great synopsis

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True, actually I know a person that died from original SAR in 2003, most of this was to up the death numbers which up the fear. Fear was key.

Lockdowns up the numbers as well. Every Dr I asked since forever, why do ppl get sick in the winter, bc they’re all locked down bc it’s cold.

Israel is the next psyop, portrayed as religion and terrorist, I believe it’s all about Leviathan, living in the banana republic, you get used to the same pimp over and over.

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Oil and Gas (contracts are signed with security clauses), Ben Gurion Canal to compete w/Suez Canal, Water desalinization, petrodollar hegemony (failing), high speed rail system paralleling BG Canal, Balkanize region, widen beachhead in area with eye towards W Iran (most energy rich place on earth), ski resorts in the desert, etc., etc.,....

"Hi Doc I get sick more in the winter than summer. Why is that?"

"Do you get outside and get fresh air during the winter?"

"It's cold out there man."

"Good point, take this pill then."

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Well that’s arrogant, https://greatgameindia.com/gaza-marine/

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I think you misunderstood what I said.

These were two separate comments.

The first one to describe what is actually behind the Israel/US/UK attacks the second one to describe the Pharma/Physician ideology.

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Finally, you said it right. Moving non stop around the tail will not fix anything and we already see this. For this are the "covid summits" too, for perpetuating the story, which actually can be said in few words - the vaxxes are good, we are the experts, we see viruses all the time, but this time what a catastrophy, we can do it better. This part they want to be a winner.

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I appreciate all theories, especially this one as it would make a lot of sense. But, I’ve had covid twice and I could feel it wasn’t “natural” or the same as flu. What about people whose taste / smell went? I know people personally who had this. I know people who had long covid (cured using an ivermectin protocol). The evidence I see around me, is this was / is a new virus. I don’t understand the theory of it not actually being “real” when I, and others, have seen and experienced the virus...

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Nov 19, 2023·edited Nov 19, 2023

Loss of taste and smell is not new- it is ancient. How in the world do you believe this?

What people "felt" not being "natural" is about as subjective and vague as it gets.

"Long covid" doesn't exist as there is no such thing as "covid."

There's no evidence whatsoever for a "new virus" and knowingly or not your comment just supports that further.

You didn't have "covid" as you were tested with a phony PCR (or antigen test which are worse) and then believed you had what the propaganda and programming told you.

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I replied to you very politely, with genuine curiosity, your reply is unnecessarily dismissive. Your viewpoint, within the pandemic questioning crowd, is a minority, so try to answer without the arrogance? I’ve never met anyone losing taste and smell, until “covid” (putting in brackets for you so you don’t get upset!). Suddenly, lots of people got “covid” and lost their taste and smell. This had never happened in my life, nor theirs. So, are you saying it was a coincidence that so many people lost their taste and smell that had never lost it before, at the onset of “covid” (I assume you see it as flu?).

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I'm not answering with arrogance you just can't handle the answer.

Like I said loss of taste and smell is as old as the hills.

It's quite common and there is a long history of people (individually and collectively) expressing the same symptoms at the same time and particularly when placed under the same stressors and given the same programming that they had "Disease X."

You didn't have"Covid" as you can't have a fictional condition.

I am not just dismissive I am appalled you believe this garbage when the evidence is mountainous and conclusive on this matter.

You can't possibly have looked into this too deeply if you think "covid" is a real biological phenomenon.

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I have been in deep reading for years on this, including the treatments, which I’ve witnessed first hand helping people. “old as the hills”, not in my life, nor that of anyone I know. No one has ever had loss of taste and smell before. You can say it’s “old as the hills” as much as you like, you’re actually asking me and many others to dismiss what we see in real life as not being real. Did everyone get the flu at the same time? what’s your theory, or fact, as you don’t like to have it called anything other than that… what did everyone catch? Are all of the doctors in FLCC for example, frauds? All faking it too? Dr pierre kory and others? Why did the government go so hard against ivermectin and hydroxy? Because it was a placebo that worked against a fake virus? Or it works against the flu?

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There was NOT a novel cause of death in 2020.

There was a novel ICD code affixed to deaths from a bunch of other causes — namely, “U07.1, COVID-19, virus identified.”

There is no unique viral pathogen, there was mass murder in hospitals, data fraud, make-believe "cases" conjured by a phony test and a mass media propaganda event catapulted at the behest of the financiers who run the show.

There is nothing new about "COVID" except the scale of the operation.

Metagenomics is complete fraud- let's start there. It's make-believe nonsense. Gene theory is also garbage pseudoscience.

You can "define" (meaning make-up) a "gene sequence" for X all you want- it means nothing.

As for SARS-CoV-2 the fraud involved in assembling this particular simulacrum, the “genomic sequencing” for SARS-CoV-2 is complete fraud. The Corman-Drosten team developed the test for Covid-19 based on an In-silico Genetic Sequence (from a computer simulation).

They did not have any "Viral Isolates" of Covid-19 available, nor any clinical samples of anyone sick with the alleged new disease. Simply based on that, the test is invalid.

A new medical test must be validated against a 'Gold Standard", that is, a test which is 100% accurate.

The Corman-Drosten team, used the SARS sequence from 2003 (which was never properly purified or isolated, the same procedure was done with this virus as well), they then used the PCR primer related to that sequence, amplified it using PCR, sequenced what they amplified (they did this multiple times) and used the sequences that were different from the SARS sequence to develop primers for the diagnostic test. However, since there were no purified samples or Isolates of any kind, this entire experiment is made up.

A PCR test is not a diagnostic test, as it does not test for the presence of a virus, it simply tests for genetic material/genetic debri and must be coupled with Clinical Representation of a specific set of symptoms.

It turns out, when you input the sequences that are being tested for, to show a positive case, the sequences show up 93 times in the human genome, and approx. 91 times from Bacteria/Fungi (Microbes). These supposed "New" sequences show up in nature and are not new at all.

Nevermind, you cannot possibly say these sequences are coming from a "new virus" if you don't have the virus in the first place.

The team then sends this test to China, to test for this "Novel" virus that they created a test for, with none of the "Novel" virus at their disposal.

The Chinese find these sequences in their 'Atypical Pneumonia" patients with non-specific respiratory symptoms, (obviously being that these sequences show up in humans), and they create an entire "Genome" based off of 1 Clinical Sample.

In order to create a Genome correctly, you would need hundreds upon thousands of samples to develop an actual accurate "Viral Genome", they took 1 person that tested positive with a PCR test created without any virus.

They take a Clinical Sample from a PCR Positive person's lung fluid, with symptoms consistent to "Atypical Pneumonia". They take only the Short RNA strands from the clinical sample, and put them into a Computer Program, these Programs being: Megahit and Trinity.

These two programs assemble a bunch of Contigs (Possible Genome structures) made up of all the short RNA strands from the person, which number 56 Million.

The Trinity computer came up with 1,329,960 Contigs ranging from 201-11,760 base pairs, the Megahit computer came up with 384,096 contigs ranging from 200-30,474 base pairs. In layman, the computer generated almost 2 Million possible Genome Structures.

The longest contig (30,474 base pairs) was chosen, simply because it was the longest one. Upon further investigation, this genome was only 80% similar to SARS-COV 1 bat-like sequence. They then add some Sars 1 Sequences to make it look more like a SARS virus.

80%, is less similar than what humans are to house cats. The claim was the Genome totaled to 29,903 bases long, which negates 571 bases from the contig, if those weren't valid how do we know this entire contig is valid?

The Contig chosen, was created out of 123,613 different pieces of short RNA from the clinical genetic sample.

They don't know where these sequences are coming from, they don't know if the genome is real, they don't know the amount of error in the process, they don't know how many "reads" were correct, this entire thing is theoretical and computer generated.

Then come thousands of papers and studies and reports all based on...Turtles All The Way Down.


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I'm not asking you to dismiss anything. That you (any all who have done so) jump to the conclusion that you had something "new" based off a proven to be phony test and told to you by pathological liars who benefit from you believing this nonsense is a huge part of the problem.

The doctors in FLCC (most of who are well-intentioned) don't know what they are talking about. You expect them to throw their entire lifes indoctrination (medical school) out the window? Myself and many others could debate Kory, McCullough et al on the existence of a unique viral pathogen in 2020 and they would end up looking very bad- thisis why they avoid it even haveing been offered this opportuntiy on multiple occasions.

Kory has stated openly that he doesn't even want to look into this because he would "have to admit that everything he believes is a fraud" which it is.

That you, and whoever else, go to the "loss of taste and smell" illustrates you have lost your critical thinking capacities on this and have internalized the propaganda. It's Biology 101 that if you get what's called the common cold your nose gets stuffed up and when you lose your sense of smell the associated loss of taste accompanies this.

People were spending immeasurably more time inside their homes with forced air heating and all the dust, mildew etc. that those types of heating systems egest.

They were spending much more time in their homes on devices of one kind or another accruing more than the usual EMF overload while being immersed in a sensory rollercoaster.

Their activities/workouts/skiing/bicycling/running and whatever other manner of exercise that they normally would do to "clear out" and/or strengthen their lungs/respiratory system was severely curtailed or eliminated.

Oh and they clogged up their noses with tons of shit rBGH laden cheese that they ingested as they drowned themselves in door dash pizza takeout bonanzas.

That's a starter list. We haven't even gotten into the collective trauma experience by the mass fear campaign and societal lockdowns. It would be odd if people did not get sick in "ways they never have before" given all of this.

That you, and whoever else, think it is some submicroscopic particle causing this is a form of madness. It's like some weird and very bad cartoon version of reality.

I will add one more comment and then I'm done. Believe what you want but that is all it is- a belief that has no supporting evidence.

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Well said Allen! There was NO virus released accidently from a lab in Wuhan. It was the flu, renamed SAR-CoV2, and a fake pcr test. Bill Gates said, "people aren't afraid of the flu". Where did the flu go in 2020? In the US deaths from the flu are 60-80,000 each flu season (with millions being infected). But, suddenly, 0 deaths in 2020? And few flu infections? Continuing to say it is a deadly virus allows the globalists/WHO/et al to continue their narrative of emergency mandates and measures, testing, masking, and pushing the deadly c-19 injections and vax passports

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It was GOF, the facts don’t lie. They did many things to create more deaths and cases.. 8000 died of the 2003 SAR.

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Attorney Tom Renz is a hero.

He is revealing in the most public way information that needs to be widely disseminated about the DoD's and the CIA's leading role in the poisoning of the U.S. and the world.

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When you call out someone as a Murderer, and they don’t dispute it, they ignore you like they’re just shrugging it off, that says everything.

When you call someone out like that , and you are a practicing Attorney, jeopardizing license, reputation, and DoD retaliation- that says everything that most people still want to believe couldn’t possibly be true.

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I hope Attorney Renz has body guards and is all prayed up.

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It's disgusting that my son was jailed a full nine months prior to the not/great breakthrough in quack science. Had he been given a fair trial millions would be eating breakfast with their families today rather than being deceased by murder by those we should have trusted. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-52142052

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showed the inconvenient truth

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Apologies for the explosive wording of BOOM, but BOOM!!

Tom Renz is, and has been, a going force against these Crimes Against Humanity and perpetrators thereof.

A Patriot to be forever remembered indeed, as ALL of those who took this fight on. (And there are many).

Thanxs for sharing this V FOX!

*Tips hat

Much Love

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Outstanding !!! Thank you.

Covid virus was designed and developed in a US lab.

The result is a human and economic global catastrophe and -- no one in hail yet!!!???

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“Hail” should have been jail -- a typo.


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Thought you were giving a southern emphasis for eternal perdition where these murderers belong.

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Yep, and funded by US taxpayer $$$.

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Judy Mikovits says Ft Dietrich

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ALL of the three-letter agencies need the top 2-4 layers FIRED, Investigated and charged with TREASON...

Punished, not set free with a slap on the wrist with a cushy job at one of the MSM Propaganda networks...

We The People of the World MUST UNITE and stop this insanity, they [Globalists] are and have been at WAR with us ALL for many decades at the very least...

We The People need to learn how to write and submit Affidavit's against these Traitors, remove ANYONE who stands in the way of True Justice...

GOD Bless ALL of the Patriots of the World, LORD please put a hedge of Protection around us ALL... AMEN...

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Let the reckoning begin! Thank you Attorney Tom.

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This was the BIGGEST BOMB of the whole MTG meeting!! Thanks Fox!

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Thank you for mentioning Marjorie Taylor Greene here. She deserves a great deal of credit for her patriotism, intelligence, and courage.

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BLAST MTG's OFFICES TODAY as she begins her fake Covid vaccine injury hearings -- WHILE MAKING PROFIT OFF REMDESIVIR HOSPITAL MURDERS!!!

Marjorie Taylor Greene owns stock in Gilead Science, that makes Remdesivir - RINO FRAUD


The (DIS)Honorable Marjorie Taylor Greene

403 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, DC, 20515-1014

Phone: (202) 225-5211

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Attorney Renz is completely on target. Pray for his safety as he speaks the truth that has the potential to unravel this evil web of deceptions.

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So many hearings and no action. At all.

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Let's hope these rolling snowballs of truth soon form an overwhelming avalanche.

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I would say the DOD and CIA are in on it as that’s whose names are on the contracts with Pfizer 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

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You think it was a mistake that Trump turned it over to the military. He knew where the hell it came from.

And he knew it wasn't Wuhan.

It's no secret that the military handled distribution.

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