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Attorney Edward A. Berkovich Urges 13 AGs to Investigate & Prosecute the CDC for Criminal Charges

“Prosecute the officials who covered it up.”

“We’re suing the CDC,” announced Dr. Naomi Wolf on Steve Bannon’s War Room. “We’re suing Twitter. We’re going after the FDA. All of those are underway with the best lawyers in the country.”

But the CDC lawsuit is particularly interesting because it is based on criminal charges — specifically “reckless endangerment or similar crimes.”

Amy Kelly of Daily Clout writes:

Attorney Edward A. Berkovich recently sent letters to the attorneys general for Wyoming, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, Indiana, Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Tennessee, Montana, Florida, and Utah, encouraging them to consider state-level action to investigate and prosecute Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials for reckless endangerment or similar state crimes for CDC’s three-month delay in reporting the first statistically significant signal of myocarditis incidence following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination.

Dr. Naomi Wolf elaborates:

“Dr. Flowers broke the story that that there was knowledge with the FDA and with Pfizer of myocarditis four months before they made a press announcement to the parents of America. Four months previously, they knew that 35 teenagers sustained heart damage a week after being injected with his material, and they kept going. They kept going with the influencers. They kept going with the cute pictures on Instagram with a little band-aid. They kept aiming their campaign at young adults, at teenagers, at parents to get these kids injected. So that’s fraud! And it’s also reckless endangerment and similar crimes that Mr. Berkovich identifies. So this is incredibly important,” she stressed.


Here’s Berkovich’s letter to Attorney General Bridget Hill of Wyoming.

She is one of the thirteen attorneys general to whom he sent a similar letter.

RE: State criminal investigation of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) officials for reckless endangering under WY Stat. § 6-2-504(a)

Dear Attorney General Hill:

I support your signing the Section 553(e) Petition for Rulemaking sent to Secretary Becerra & Administrator Brooks-LaSure on November 17, 2022.

There may be reasonable suspicion to investigate CDC officials for recklessly endangering Wyoming residents, as follows:

The enclosed article asserts:

[T]he CDC delayed reporting the incidence of myocarditis to the general public for three months after the first statistically significant signal appeared in the VAERS database. The delay kept about 120,000,000 Americans in the dark until after they had already unknowingly exposed themselves to one or more doses of the COVID-19 injections that were, according to the analysis presented here, in all probability, the proximate cause of the increased incidence of myocarditis, especially in young male Americans from 8 to 21 years of age.

If that assertion is correct, that level of omission may provide reasonable suspicion to investigate CDC officials for "recklessly engaging in conduct [omitting to warn of the safety signal] which place[d] [Wyoming residents] in danger of death or serious bodily injury[,] under WY Stat. § 6-2- 504(a).

Wyoming residents acting in reliance on CDC information, either directly or vicariously via state and county health agency recommendations (agencies that likely rely on CDC), may have decided not to get vaccinated if CDC had warned of the myocarditis risk it knew about. This is especially problematic considering emerging data about post-Covid-19 vaccination myocarditis.

There cannot be "informed consent" without being "informed."

Also, CDC's recent decision to recommend new omicron boosters for children as young as five years old, a recommendation reportedly made without even convening a meeting of CDC's panel of vaccine experts, similarly may give rise to reasonable suspicion to investigate for reckless endangering, because Wyoming residents may (again?) directly or vicariously rely on CDC's recommendation and get their children vaccinated without full data.

As you are aware, federal officials do not have absolute Supremacy Clause immunity from state law prosecution. See, e.g., Wyoming v. Livingston, 443 F.3d 1211 (10th Cir. 2006) (discussing Supremacy Clause, removal, and "reasonable and necessary").

I encourage your office to consider whether investigating federal officials for state law offenses is warranted for either the actions above or other pandemic response actions. While there is ongoing discussion of more comprehensive prosecutions related to the pandemic, there may be value in thinking smaller and starting somewhere.

I've recently sent similar letters to my home state's attorney general, some other state attorneys general, and to Mr. Skoric in Park County, because of his work on Livingston.


/s/ Edward A. Berkovich

Attorney at Law, Utah Bar. No. 6180


Steve Bannon summarizes the significance of the letter.

“This guy is telling state attorneys general, ‘I want you to get off your duff and look at the data, and I want criminal charges filed because the CDC knew for 90 days that this was a problem, and they not only did nothing, they continue to spin about these vaccines.’ Is that the general direction of where this is going?” he asked.

“Yeah!” confirmed Naomi. “Let me give you the exact wording, ‘encouraging them to consider state-level action to investigate and prosecute Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.’ CDC officials, meaning Dr. Walensky and her colleagues, ‘for reckless endangerment or similar state crimes for CDC’s three-month delay in reporting [the] first statistically significant signal of myocarditis incidence following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination.’ So yes! He’s saying, ‘Prosecute the officials who covered it up. Prosecute the officials who knew.’”

In summary, “This crime, according to Mr. Berkovich, is reckless endangerment and other similar crimes. And I say similar crimes because state legal codes vary right state by state,” explained Dr. Wolf. “But basically, these people are criminals, and they hurt people by concealing the evidence that this was a dangerous injection.”


As Naomi expressed earlier, “All of this audience’s donations have been put to good use. We have [around] six different lawsuits underway now.”

So, if you want to put your money where there’s a good chance it could make a big impact, consider donating to Dr. Wolf and the Daily Clout team.


Thanks for reading.

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