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Become Ungovernable: Eva Vlaardingerbroek Breaks Down Why the Dutch Farmers' Protests Are So Pivotal

"This system is no longer benefitting us, and you will not walk over me."

On a Thursday night segment with Tucker Carlson, Dutch native Eva Vlaardingerbroek detailed the agenda behind the government's proposition to slash nitrogen emissions. It's not about climate change.

"Well, very simple, Tucker, what this is about is the Dutch government stealing our farmers' land, and they're doing this under the guise of the made-up nitrogen crisis. And that is basically going to put most of these farmers completely out of business.

And thankfully, the Dutch farmers aren't having it. So they're going out in the streets, they're blocking distribution centers, they've blocked the high roads, they are fighting back! And they're right to do so; this is their life's work. They're really at their wit's end. They're devastated by what the government is doing, and it's very clear that the government is not doing this because of a nitrogen crisis, they're doing this because they want these farmers' land, and they want it to house new immigrants.

They also want it because the farmers are obviously standing in their way of The Great Reset plans that they have for us. Farmers are hard-working, God-fearing, and especially self-sufficient people that are just standing in the way of their globalist agenda. And it's driving a lot of these farmers even to something like suicide. So really, there's only one term that we can use for the things that our government and their Premier Mark Rutte is doing right now, and that is communism."

Tucker asks, "So messing with the food supply tends to cause food crises and then famines. You're seeing this in the developing world, thanks to climate activism and the war in Ukraine. Are normal Dutch citizens who aren't farmers worried about what happens when you shut the farms down?" Eva replies:

"Absolutely! They understand it. 'No farmers, no food,' and that's why the farmers have blocked these distribution centers because within a matter of a couple of hours, we saw that the supermarkets were empty, and ordinary citizens understand this.

The problem is that the state doesn't seem to understand this, or it's what they want. And the police have responded in an incredibly violent way. So as you guys have seen, now, they have even shot at a 16 year-old-boy. These are not things that you should see in free Western countries, especially not targeted towards peaceful protesters, but it's happening.

And not just the Dutch people. Everyone around the world, and especially you in America, should be supporting our Dutch farmers because this could be happening to you. It's actually the very reason why I'm wearing this handkerchief right now. It's become the symbol of these farmers' resistance, and they're doing it so courageously, and they have the manpower to do it, so they really deserve your full support."

Deserve our support, indeed. If we've seen anything over the last two years, governments have stopped acting like governments and turned into unmasked shills of corporate interests, decreeing arbitrary rules on everyday citizens, which, in turn, crushes the middle class and consolidates more power to the already powerful.

The farmers are putting their foot down, saying, "This system is no longer benefitting us, and you will not walk over me." It's time we all take a stand and become ungovernable like the farmers.

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