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Big Pharma's Grip on the Government: This Is Beyond What We Call 'Regulatory Capture'

"I think you have to conclude that the White House itself is experiencing significant pressure from the pharmaceutical industry."

After two and a half years of a perpetual COVID response and state of emergency, the regulatory agencies have lost all trust with awakened Americans. But what we like to call ‘regulatory capture’ may be an understatement for what’s actually going on.

Remember the two FDA officials who resigned because of the booster rollout? In an interview with The Epoch Times, Dr. Malone explains why they quit their job over that.

“Clearly, the CDC and the FDA no longer have independence, and the data that shows this — we now have the receipts with the FOIA documents relating to Marion Gruber and her colleague’s resignation, in which they clearly state that they object to this effort to enable, allow, empower, whatever euphemism you want to use, the boosters.

She objected to the use of the boosters and the authorization of the boosters. This is a person from the FDA who had direct responsibility for making these decisions, go/no-go decisions, and [she] and her colleague resigned — you recall — now we know why. We speculated why. And they, as professionals, had been quiet about it. But the reason is, according to the emails that have been FOIA’d, [is] that there was undue pressure from both the pharmaceutical industry and the White House on the FDA, to allow the boosters.”


It is not surprising at all, but it makes perfect sense, and it also shows why many say, “An FDA approval is about as good as a rubber stamp.”

Malone then poses the question, “How come is the White House pushing these inoculations?” 

“We have this backstory coming from Birx that ‘We always knew they weren’t going to work.’ So then you have to say, ‘Well, how come is the White House pushing these inoculations together with pharma?’ FDA is objecting, but those that have integrity within the FDA are forced to resign or go along with this narrative that they don’t agree with. Why is this happening?

I think you have to conclude that the White House itself is experiencing significant pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, and this gets to the point of regulatory capture is really not an adequate term. We have this alliance now, this integration of the administrative state, the people that actually run the government, and big business.”

Or, as Mussolini likes to call it, fascism.

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“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

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