Bombshell Report from DailyClout Team Finds Massive Hypertension Signal After the Shots

“It breaks the pipeline — it’s such a serious signal.”

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“I’m pretty angry today,” announced Dr. Naomi Wolf as she joined Steve Bannon on the War Room. “Last night, a loved one who had been in perfect health before she got three mRNA injections told me she had to go to the ER with chest tightness, and they found hypertension.”

What exactly is hypertension? In short, elevated blood pressure. It’s often referred to as “the silent killer.”

“Hypertension  ̶  or elevated blood pressure  ̶  is a serious medical condition that significantly increases the risks of heart, brain, kidney, and other diseases.”—WHO

“If you have high blood pressure, the force of the blood pushing against the artery walls is consistently too high. The heart has to work harder to pump blood.”—Mayoclinic

Dr. Wolf’s loved one is not alone in developing this condition after the C19 shot.

Amy Kelly of DailyClout did some digging using Abstractor, and she discovered 272 mentions of hypertension crises in the Pfizer PDF documents with “adverse” in their filenames. But even more alarming, her search for hypertension in the adverse events description field of VAERS following Pfizer or Moderna COVID mRNA vaccination returned 108,234 rows.

This is the message she got from VAERS. “This request produces 108,234 rows, but 10,000 is the maximum allowed.” So, the message suggests that there may be so many hypertension adverse event reports in the VAERS database that it cannot produce the results unless multiple reports are done separately. We asked Dr. Henry Ealy to replicate this result, and he was able to do so.

And this is only a “tiny fraction” of the total number of cases.

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“It’s been estimated by Harvard 10% of the total number of events are reported in the VAERS database. So, you’re looking at what could be a million cases of hypertension after being injected with the [C19 shot] in the general population!” exclaimed Dr. Wolf. “Over 100,000 [rows] in VAERS alone.”

Dr. Henry Ealy affirms the 10% underreporting figure.

He writes: “The CDC goes to great lengths to discredit the data available in VAERS, so as to argue against the use of the data in any attempts to establish vaccines as the cause of injury and death. The CDC even goes so far as to threaten fines and imprisonment for any record deemed to be false. With respect to COVID biologics, it is safe to assume that the existing data represents no more than 10% of the injuries and deaths that have actually occurred.”

Dr. Ealy can confirm that there are at least 36,579 individual reports of hypertension in VAERS and that the likely number of people who have experienced hypertension is likely to be over 365,790 due to significant under-reporting.

Dr. Ealy’s Data Note: “There are 36,579 records in VAERS as of December 2, 2022, when the search terms Hypertension or High Blood Pressure are queried.”

Dr. Henry Ealy also found 8,358 hypertensive hospitalizations reported after C19 inoculation.

And 1,546 hypertensive deaths following C19 injection.

Dr. Ealy points out, “There are 800,000 adverse events reports in V-Safe, and all of these records are supposed to be also reported in VAERS. But less than four percent (30,492) of the records in V-Safe have found their way into VAERS.” Dr. Ealy credits OpenVAERS.com and Vaersanalysis.info for this information.

Ealy also believes VAERS reports are being removed. Specifically, he notes that between September 2022 and December 2022, the CDC has removed at least 32,844 records of injury related to the following conditions: myocarditis, pericarditis, and heart inflammation. What were 45,388 reports three months ago has now inexplicably dropped down to 12,544. So, it’s possible that reports on hypertension could be missing, too.

Will this scandalous level of hypertensive damage to humans be investigated? If so, we’ll have to act soon, as CDC appears to be removing the evidence of the potential crimes committed by Pfizer.

Nevertheless, the VAERS signal is corroborated by FOI 3727 from Australia.

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Out of a total of 1,348,079 people who had a serious or non-serious side effect after C19 inoculation (that’s about 1 in 3 people according to V-Safe numbers), it showed:

  • Hypertension - 13,792 cases

  • Blood pressure increased - 13,188 cases

  • Hypertensive crisis - 1,494 cases

  • Pulmonary hypertension - 126 cases

  • Blood pressure fluctuation - 932 cases

  • Blood pressure abnormal - 652 cases

  • Blood pressure systolic increased - 529 cases

  • Blood pressure diastolic increased - 160 cases

Credit is due to Dr. Geoff Pain for linking FOI 3727 and providing the above numbers.

According to this document, 1 in 98 people who reported any side effect had his or her blood pressure negatively affected, and 1 in 902 had a hypertensive crisis. Then, once you calculate the V-Safe factor (1 in 3 people reporting a side effect), the true risk profile could be as high as 1 in 294 developing hypertension, and 1 in 2,706 suffering a hypertensive crisis in the general vaccinated population following C19 inoculation.

Further corroboration on the hypertension risk can be found in these studies:

• Hypertensive Crisis Following COVID-19 Vaccination

• Hypertension after anti-COVID-19 vaccination (select English translation)

• Stage III Hypertension in Patients After mRNA-Based SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination

Who else is seeing the signal?

The market is.


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Hypertension drug growth is projected to expand by 3.4% yearly, which would make it a $31.5 billion industry by 2028, of which more than half of that revenue is expected to be generated in the United States alone (largest adverse event country in Pfizer documents). And once someone is prescribed blood pressure medicine, they tend to take that medication indefinitely.

Yet the CDC claims to see nothing. “Safe and effective.”

“The VAERS database is owned and in the custody of the CDC. Rochelle Walensky owns this database,” stressed Dr. Wolf.

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“It’s her job to monitor it, and they missed a signal of such a serious side effect which requires medicalization. It requires medication — more profit to pharma to treat hypertension, right? It is such a massive signal that the database itself can’t even handle it without printing out multiple reports. It breaks the pipeline — it’s such a serious signal.”


I’d like to send many thanks to Amy Kelly, Dr. Naomi Wolf, the rest of the DailyClout team, as well as doctors Geoff Pain and Henry Ealy for providing such critical information. This piece was a collaboration: they did the digging, and I presented their findings.

The entire team is nothing short of amazing. So, if you’d like to send them your thanks, please subscribe to DailyClout’s newsletter and become a member.

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