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Bureaucrats Desperate to Bring Back Masks, But Yet Another Study Confirms They Don't Work

Do not comply, not for a second. We must put our foot down and end the next wave of COVID tyranny before it begins.

The latest COVID insanity comes from Germany as bureaucrats keep mask mandates in their back pockets in preparation for the fall and winter.

Headline: COVID masks will return in Germany, says justice minister

"... while the summer COVID-19 wave was flattening, the government was preparing a response for an onslaught in the fall and winter, which would present to parliament for legislative approval in September."

"Really read that sentence there," responds Highwire's Jeffrey Jaxen. "The cases are going down, but we're going to vote on legislation in September because we think they're going to go up in fall and winter. Oh, okay."

Of course, presumptive science wins again.

But let's really take a deep dive into the efficacy of masks. Here's the latest study from North Dakota that looked at two neighboring schools, one that enforced a mask mandate and one that did not.

Here is their conclusion:

"We observed no significant difference between student case rates while the districts had differing masking policies nor while they had the same mask policies … Our findings contribute to a growing body of literature which suggests school-based mask mandates have limited to no impact on the case rates of COVID-19 among K-12 students."


Now that's quite a blow to mask mandates, but take a brief moment and catch sight of these charts.

Here's the first one comparing the two schools. The orange line is the school with no mask mandates (West Fargo), and the black line is the school with mask mandates (Fargo). Notice much of a difference? In fact, during the initial Omicron surge, the school with mask mandates had a more challenging time.

The following chart is a bar chart, and it compiles the case rates cleanly into one simple visual. Which school had more COVID? Can you even tell the difference?

After learning the impact that masks have on children, any sane school board or bureaucracy should immediately get rid of these things. If it happens again to your school, give the board members hell.

Don’t let these power-hungry know-it-alls delay your child’s development. A 23% dive in their development is no joke, especially when children aren’t even at risk in the first place.

As a kind reader, you probably knew all of this. But remember, the second you comply, they’ll stretch every inch of it. So do not comply, not for a second. We must put our foot down and end the next wave of COVID tyranny before it begins.

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