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Classic Criminal Behavior: 'At This Point, It's a Cover-Up,' and They're Tripling Down

"They see what we see."

“This is not something they don’t see,” said Ed Dowd in an interview with Tony Lyons of Skyhorse Publishing.

Ed is a former Blackrock Executive and vaccine skeptic who’s been looking closely at excess mortality and disability in relation to the Covid-19 injections. And in an effort to put a damning list of compiled evidence together, he’s writing “Cause Unknown,” which releases in December.

Tony asked him:

So you think that leading public health officials or organizations will be shocked by any of the data in this book? Or do you think that they all know what's in this book; they've been watching it — and they're just sort of using propaganda and censorship to keep this information from the public?

“At this point, it’s a cover-up,” answered Dowd.

They see what we see — undoubtedly. This is not something that they don’t see. So that then begs the question: why did they just approve COVID vaccines for the child vaccine schedule? That’s a legal trick. And it’s also what criminals do when they’re caught; they double and triple down. I saw this in corporate fraud after corporate fraud.

When suspicions arise, and it looks like there might be fraud, the corporate CEOs continue to lie until they’re caught by the regulators. And in fact, I’ve seen many great institutional investors ride stocks all the way down because they had access to the CEO and the CFO. And those guys would lie to them while they were selling their own stock. And these poor individuals were still holding.

So it’s classic criminal behavior. They know [what’s going on with the jabs], and that is one of the biggest problems we’ve seen.

While writing this book, Gavin de Becker and Ed discussed criminal intention.

“Why this happened? Who did it? Why?” but they decided to ditch that section in the book because “The data speaks for itself.”

We made a little comment in the book where we say, “At this point, they see what we see, and it’s a cover-up and criminal negligence because they’re not acting [on their mistakes].”

So we don’t need to know why – who. All we need to know is it’s [excess death and morbidity] occurring, and the damage is there, and they see it. So this is one of the greatest cover-ups we’ve ever seen.

Agreed, Ed.

Thank you for your perspective and your insight.

If you want to give Ed your support without paying a penny to Amazon, pre-order his book directly from Skyhorse Publishing.

And for more information about excess mortality, follow the link below for the full interview.

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 164: Cause Unknown

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