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COVID Injections Crash and Burn – Negative Efficacy – “It’s Causing Your Infection”

“We observed a higher risk of test positivity after vaccination ... which is contrary to evidence reported by the UK Office of National Statistics.”

In a bit of “shocking” news, it turns out these COVID shots don’t work! But it’s actually much, much worse than that.

Let’s take a gander at two studies; the first is from the UK.

Associations of BMI with COVID-19 vaccine uptake, vaccine effectiveness, and risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes after vaccination in England: a population-based cohort study

This study used the medical records of over 9 million participants in the UK, looking at potential associations between vaccination, BMI, infection rates, and severe outcomes. What they found was “surprising.”

Surprisingly, we observed a higher risk of test positivity after vaccination with one or two doses across ALL BMI groups, which is contrary to evidence reported by the UK ONS (Office of National Statistics).

The same thing happened in Sweden.

Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines Over 13 Months Covering the Period of the Emergence of the Omicron Variant in the Swedish Population

Once again, over 9 million people were in this study, and they used multiple national registries of persons 12 and older. Here’s what they had to say.

Our results were similar to the UK study, albeit with EVEN MORE rapidly waning effectiveness. Somewhat implausibly, we even observed a negative VE (vaccine efficacy) against Omicron infection from week 14, indicating that vaccinated individuals experienced a HIGHER RISK of infection than those unvaccinated.

This is “the exact opposite of what a product like this is supposed to be doing for you,” said Del Bigtree.

But it gets even worse when you see the chart.

As you can see, around the 9-week mark, you’re looking at 5 to 10% efficacy. And at 15 weeks, you’re entering negative territory. Once we get to around 50 weeks post-injection, it dips down close to -100% efficacy, DOUBLE THE CHANCE OF GETTING INFECTED!


Del Bigtree ends with some closing thoughts.

Wow! We keep reporting on this, but it’s staggering. First of all, in a world where we never saw science looking negatively at vaccines at all — just to see how the world is so completely shifted here. And the focus on this vaccine and how terribly this vaccine has been working. You can say, “Oh — well, it’s not very effective.” No, it’s worse than that. It’s causing your infection!

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