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COVID Vaccine-Induced Infertility? Every Man and Woman Should Be Concerned

Spike protein "almost certainly is causing death and destruction of those precious ovarian cells."

A touchy subject that usually results in immediate censorship and reprisal is questioning what these COVID jabs do to fertility. In an exclusive interview with Blaze TV, Dr. Peter McCullough approached this subject head-on. Listen to what he has to say. Firstly, about men.

“There’s a range of sperm count and motility. Those men who are at the lower range, clearly with vaccination, they’re going to be brought into the infertile range. And it takes months and months and months to recover. So just by the time they recover, they take a mandated booster — they go back into the infertile range. I can tell you, as a medical doctor, every man should be concerned.”

Alarming. This sperm count concern has been documented for about a month now, but we’ve been told that “it’s temporary” and that “it goes back to normal.” But if one takes a shot every six months, there will be no chance of getting that sperm count back to normal!

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But perhaps more concerning than what happens to men, what about the effects on women’s ovaries and their eggs?

“Now importantly, female ovaries have a set number of eggs from birth. So as the genetic code is installed into ovarian cells, and the spike protein is produced in the ovary, not only is it triggering irregularities in menses but almost certainly is causing death and destruction of those precious ovarian cells. Those eggs. Eggs are being destroyed, and so, on a more probable than not basis, one would conclude with serial injections every six months, women could be rendered infertile.”

Oh my gosh. On a more probable than not basis? Dr. McCullough has a solid track record on COVID. If he’s right this time, and there’s a good chance that he is, there’s at least a 51% chance that healthy, young women of childbearing age will unsuspectedly be rendering themselves forever infertile.

Dr. Peter McCullough originally shared this video on his social media. Read what he has to say about this clip post-interview.

“It is biologically plausible and cohesive male and female fertility are damaged with every 6 mo administrations of genetic code for the WIV Spike protein. Those lower in range will be rendered infertile through each injection period. Sara Gonzales exclusive on Blaze media.”

Now, many argue that there’s a depopulation agenda at hand. If the deaths aren’t enough to do it, perhaps infertility is. But in the meantime, until this all comes out, stray far away from these COVID jabs, and if comfortable in doing so, share such information with your friends and family. It may just convince them the other way and save their chances of raising a family.


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