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Criminal Malfeasance: Pfizer Knew 275 People Suffered Serious Strokes in the First 90 Days After Vaccine Rollout

Pfizer’s conclusion: “This cumulative case review does not raise new safety issues.”

Originally Published on DailyClout

Seventy-five years. That’s how long Pfizer and the FDA tried to hide the Pfizer documents from public view — long after just about everyone affected is dead. It wasn’t until renowned attorney Aaron Siri led a FOIA case against the FDA that a federal judge ordered the documents to be released in 108 days, the same amount of time it took the FDA to approve the Covid-19 injections.

Within the Pfizer documents is Document 5.3.6 (Post-Marketing Experience), a cumulative analysis of adverse event reports occurring in the 90 days after the public rollout of the Covid-19 mRNA injection. And within that report, 275 people suffered a stroke suspected to be attributed to the vaccine between days 1 to 41; 50% of these occurred within the first 48 hours after injection.

It’s important to note that strokes are life-altering events, which occur “when the blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted or reduced, preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients. Brain cells begin to die in minutes.”—Mayoclinic

It’s a medical emergency. And prompt treatment is crucial. “Many stroke survivors experience paralysis on one side of the body or inability to move a specific part of the body.” And “Some stroke survivors may experience trouble using or understanding language (aphasia) or have trouble swallowing liquids or foods (dysphagia).”—

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Sadly, all 300 stroke adverse event reports affecting 275 different patients within Pfizer Document 5.3.6 were classified as “serious.” One in five (61 of the 300) strokes was fatal, 32% did not resolve, 28% had an “unknown” outcome, and three suffered very rare deep brain clots (cerebral venous sinus thrombosis).

Amy Kelly’s full report can be viewed here.

And what was Pfizer’s conclusion? “This cumulative case review does not raise new safety issues.”


“If anything, it’s an underestimate,” argued Dr. Chris Flowers, as he joined DailyClout’s CEO Dr. Naomi Wolf and COO and WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Project Director Amy Kelly to discuss the stroke findings from Pfizer Document 5.3.6.

Dr. Chris Flowers, MBBS, FRCR, FSBI, is a retired Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of South Florida and an extraordinary member of the Pfizer documents volunteer team. It was he who broke the story that Pfizer and the FDA knew, months ahead of time, that 35 teens suffered heart damage within a week of receiving the C19 shots before any U.S. government agency issued a press release warning the risks of myopericarditis to parents. He is also an author and a retired scientific paper reviewer for multiple radiology journals.

Dr. Flowers elaborates on the underestimate. “The problem is that there’s a huge number of patients who had a stroke whose resolution or outcome is not known (28%) and not reported, even though they’re supposed to follow this up for two years (another FOIA may be necessary to get that data). And we can’t find the data on these patients. What was their final outcome? By statistical analysis, there’s bound to be more people that have actually died, which will inflate that number.”

“So it could be more than 61 [deaths] out of 275 people who had stroke-like events,” added Dr. Wolf. “Right,” confirmed Dr. Flowers.

Dr. Flowers focuses on the lack of proper safety testing.

“As you know, endlessly on TV, all the pundits, all the bigwigs, they were all telling us we had to get the vaccine, and it was “perfectly safe.” But it’s getting more and more clear, as we spend time going through the documents, that the safety aspects of any vaccine trial were basically ignored. And I found out even more disturbing things coming out of the European Medicines Agency (think of as Europe’s FDA) in that they don’t even require the safety testing. They don’t even require the distribution and excretion of a vaccine to be approved for use in patients.”

Dr. Flowers came to this conclusion from a paper by Hélène Banoun, biological pharmacist, PhD: “The anti-Covid mRNA vaccines aren’t subject to biodistribution and excretion studies, and this is according to the regulations of the health agencies.”

“The same product may or may not be classified as a gene product depending on whether or not it is qualified as a vaccine against an infectious disease. In the latter case, it may be exempted from these studies.”

Dr. Chris Flowers later adds that the phase one portion of the clinical trials (safety testing) was essentially glossed over. What usually takes years was six months maximum. “The Wistar rats — and that was virtually it.” He elaborates on the importance of safety testing. “Every time you look at things like this, you’ve got to wait several years to make sure nothing [bad] has happened since someone has received this experimental intervention in their lives. It can be all sorts of things, and some of these things, like cancers, may not occur for months or years later.”

“And so, this is yet another example of Pfizer not doing what it said it would do and the FDA not performing its regulatory function,” commented Dr. Wolf.

She asks, “Would you say, Dr. Flowers, that making sure a trial is conducted, according to trial protocols, is a core regulatory function of the agency that is the FDA?"

“That’s how they used to do it,” answered Dr. Flowers. “Even with the swine flu, they had just a few serious adverse events, and they pulled the vaccine. ... And yet, here we are with huge numbers. They occurred very, very early on — way before this post-marketing experience document was being produced. Even at the interim analysis stage of the trial before the EUA, there were serious adverse events. But because the Pfizer doctors had turned around every single time and said, ‘Well, no serious safety signal has been identified in these reports.’ It’s absolute nonsense!”

Dr. Wolf and Dr. Flowers then discuss the “odd” distribution of adverse events.

Dr. Flowers informs that Pfizer Document 5.3.6 tracked all countries receiving the Pfizer injection 90 days after vaccine rollout. And of that global rollout, approximately half of the total adverse events (42,086) occurred in the UK, a little less than half were in the United States, and the rest were scattered across a mix of other countries.

“Does that strike you as odd that this is a global rollout and the vast majority, once again, we found this once before in the total of adverse events, are in the UK and the US? Wouldn’t you expect it to be more random in a global rollout?” asked Dr. Wolf.

“Absolutely,” answered Dr. Flowers. "The distribution of the Pfizer vaccine was rather chaotic, shall we say, amongst many countries, with Pfizer trying to exploit governments as, for example, what happened in Uruguay, and in Argentina and Brazil — that we actually know about. I wouldn’t go all in and say, ‘Well, it’s targeted against a western population.’ But I mean, it’s particularly fair to commentate that maybe that is a possibility.”

Going back to Document 5.3.6, how many took the C19 injection, suffered a stroke, then died because of it?

If we do some quick math, we can get an idea. So, after 90 days, 61 people died, and Pfizer stopped recording data on February 28, 2021. We are now at the end of December 2022, and 22 months have since passed. So, 61 deaths multiplied by 22 months — then divided by 3 (90 days) equals 447 vaccine-induced deaths from stroke.

“This is just dying of one thing, “ added Dr. Flowers.

“Look at all the other things we’ve shown.”

These Covid-19 injections could also be affecting the personalities of those unfortunate enough have spike protein in the brain.

“From the brain point of view, we know that lipid nanoparticles in of themselves are irritant to blood vessels and [are] getting inside the brain, which has very, very sensitive blood vessels,” explained Dr. Flowers. And the spike proteins, carried by lipid nanoparticles, cause inflammatory change, which can then cause microvessel disease. “So when you get things like microvessel disease, little micro-clots occurring, then you are going to get lots of little micro-strokes that may not be visible on any type of imaging,” stated Dr. Flowers.

“Could a lot of inflammation or tiny micro-strokes in the brain cause personality changes?,” asked Dr. Wolf.

“Absolutely, if it affects the frontal lobes,” answered Dr. Flowers. “If you remember, there was a very barbaric old-fashioned treatment — One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — for example. They used to do a frontal lobotomy; they basically cut off the frontal lobe to pacify the really aggressive sociopath in prison.”

“I think that’s against the human court,” added Dr. Flowers. “And yet it’s being done in a different manner.”

“The notable thing about people who had frontal lobe lobotomies is how compliant they were,” added Dr. Wolf. “That their critical thinking facilities died — that they were tractable. They could be managed better institutionally.” She asks, “Couldn’t that be a possible explanation for the mysterious death of critical thinking we’re seeing in the vaccinated?”

Image Credit: ABC News

“That’s definitely a potential real cause, a pathological cause for it,” answered Dr. Flowers. But “Is it [the] chicken [or the] egg? Because those sorts of people tended to be compliant beforehand.”

But the best way to really get to the bottom of it is to do immunohistochemical stains, as suggested by Dr. Ryan Cole. That is, an antigen-antibody pathology test that can be done on post-mortem brains to get to the bottom of “where does the spike protein go?”

What is the distribution of the spike protein? How long does it remain in the body? The authorities told us the contents of the injection would stay in the arm and that the spike proteins would degrade within a few weeks. But, in Dr. McCullough’s words, “It [mRNA] is everywhere. It’s in oral secretions. It’s in your genital secretions. It’s in sweat. It’s in breast milk. We don’t know when this clears out of the body.”

Nevertheless, Pfizer knew after the first 90 days, 275 people suffered stroke-related brain damage. While 61 families were grieving the death of their loved ones and the other 214 were seeking care for their family members post-stroke, Pfizer was too busy with their marketing campaign. “Safe and effective.” They failed to address the strokes, considered them to “not raise new safety issues,” and continued pushing the Covid-19 injections. And for that, they are, at minimum, guilty of criminal negligence and malfeasance.


I’d like to give a big shout-out to Dr. Naomi Wolf, Amy Kelly, and Dr. Chris Flowers, as well as the thousands of War Room/DailyClout volunteers, who are really doing a pro bono service for humanity, digging into the Pfizer documents. Although these heroes and heroines are working for free, producing reports like this one is very expensive (distribution, staffing, and editorial costs).

So whether it’s $5 or $500, please consider making a donation to DailyClout, where all the funds they raise go to the fight, including a lawsuit against Pfizer. The people we’re up against have endless streams of money, and it’s up to our grassroots supporters to help level the playing field — and take it to them in court.

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