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Damaged Immune Systems, Pandemic of the Vaxed: “These Shots Have Clearly Made Things Worse”

“This is the greatest public health disaster in the history of the world.”

Originally Published on DailyClout

We’ve been told, since the outset of COVID-19, that the way out of this is vaccination. U.S. President Joe Biden told us, “You’re not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” but when it became obvious that the vaccinated were also getting infected, the excuse shifted to “How long has it been since your latest booster shot?”

Apologetic excuse after apologetic excuse later, the data is out — and now it’s clear — “The vaccinations have made it worse,” declared Dr. Charles Hoffe.

Dr. Charles Hoffe is a doctor physician in Lytton, BC, Canada — and has worked as a rural family physician and emergency room physician for more than 30 years. After witnessing severe COVID-19 vaccine injuries in his own practice, he quickly became an outspoken critic of the experimental injections.

And, it seems, a critic for good reason, as the results of the Cleveland Clinic study upended the whole premise of getting vaccinated — that is — reducing your chance of getting COVID-19.

On the Y axis is the cumulative incidence of COVID-19, and on the X axis is the number of days since the study start date. The black line is 0 doses (unvaccinated), the red line is one dose, the green line is two doses (fully vaccinated), the blue line is three doses, and the orange-yellow line is greater than three doses.

Dr. Hoffe explains, “The Cleveland study very clearly that the more shots you’ve had, the more likely you will get COVID. And the most likely to get COVID were people who had had the bivalent vaccine. So, in other words, it is the exact opposite of what the medical authorities are telling us. It’s not keeping you safe. It’s not keeping anyone else safe. You’re more likely to get and spread COVID If you’ve had your latest booster.”

The authors of the study noted, “The association of increased risk of COVID-19 with higher numbers of prior vaccine doses in our study was unexpected.”

What could explain the increased risk of catching COVID-19 with each subsequent injection? Dr. Hoffe attests, “The reason why you’re more likely to get COVID is because [of] the damage [done] to your immune system.”

“By damaging your immune system, it [the C19 shots] increases your chance of getting flu and everything else — and that’s why we see the emergency rooms across North America very hard pressed with all the sick people, unfortunately, this winter.”

But here’s another interesting graph:

“This is the most up-to-date pandemic curve for Canada,” explained Dr. Hoffe. “The yellow represents people in [the] hospital with COVID. The pink at the bottom is people in [the] ICU with COVID.”

“So you can see, I’ve marked on this graph the point at which the vaccine rollout began, which was in mid-December 2020. And exactly one year later, Canada had fully vaccinated 80% of the entire population. So you remember we were told that we needed about 70% to reach herd immunity,” reflected Dr. Hoffe. “Well, you can look what happened to the number of people in hospital after 80% of the population was fully vaccinated.”

Dr. Hoffe continues, “That tallest spike was the first Omicron wave. And you can see that Canada barely has COVID waves anymore. Judging by the number of people in hospitals with COVID, We now literally have an endemic COVID situation with way more people in [the] hospital than before there were any vaccines at all for COVID. So this clearly shows how the vaccinations have made it worse.”

Dr. Hoffe notes that vaccine uptake in Canada, unlike the United States, remains high. “Because people are still being told that you can keep other people safe by being vaccinated, even though it doesn’t stop transmission, which is medically illogical, they’re still giving approximately between 50,000 and 60,000 boosters a day in Canada. I think in the U.S., it’s only about half of that, but the U.S. has ten times the population of Canada. So people are still going for these shots, and there are more people in hospitals With COVID than before the vaccines. So it’s a tragic situation where these shots have very clearly made things worse.”

“Yeah, it’s a pandemic of the vaccinated,” commented neuroscientist Chris Shaw, Ph.D.

Australian data corroborates the other two charts.

“So these are two very interesting graphs,” expressed Dr. Hoffe. “The one on the left shows hospital admissions with COVID, according to the number of shots that people had. So the little bar on the extreme left is the unvaccinated, and each bar [afterward] is one, two, three, or four shots. The graph on the right [shows] the number of people in [the] ICU.”

Dr. Hoffe continues, “And so you can see there’s a direct correlation: the more shots you’ve had, the more likely you will end up in [the] hospital or in the ICU [with COVID]. You can see that the unvaccinated in Australia — none of the unvaccinated [are] in [the] ICU. Most of the people in [the] ICU are the people that have had four shots.”

Dr. Hoffe ends with this statement: “This is the clearest evidence that the shots tragically have made everything worse. And so, the fact that they continue to tell people that they’re keeping people safe is very troubling. This is the greatest public health disaster in the history of the world.”

This a strong assertion, but it is one with which it is hard to disagree, as the shots are not only causing a lengthy list of lethal and debilitating side effects — but are showing to be overtly counterproductive in their intended purpose. The mRNA program is a disaster at every level, which only makes you wonder why the health authorities have yet to take these injections off the market — and even worse — continue to push them onto children. It’s a very troubling thought, and I’ve yet to hear a convincing explanation for why — without the inclusion of malintent.



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