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Death Signal: Canadian Doctors Are Dying at 4x Prior Rate Under 40, 8x Prior Rate Under 30

“Most doctors by now have had four COVID shots — some have even had five.”

Ninety-three doctors have now recently fallen victim to sudden death in Canada — in which all of them occurred after the introduction of the Covid-19 injection.

“This is not just unusual. This is unheard of,” noted renowned health researcher Dr. Paul Alexander while speaking to Canadian physician and cancer researcher Dr. William Makis.

So why is it doctors who seem to be most affected?

“Initially, there seemed to be a tremendous pressure for doctors to take the COVID vaccines,” explained Makis (earlier in the interview).

They were the first ones in line to take the COVID vaccines. They were also the first ones in line to take the booster shots. And then, of course, in late 2021, we had these very unethical vaccine mandates that were put on all the healthcare workers in Canada, across Canada. There was not a single province that stood up against the vaccine mandates. All the health leaders in every single province aggressively pushed COVID vaccine mandates on all their healthcare workers.

“And most doctors by now have had four COVID shots — some have even had five,” disclosed Makis when speaking to Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson on November 18.

So, when did this accelerate?

Dr. Makis told Alexander that the sirens went off after the first booster rollout:

I started noticing the doctors dying after the booster shot because some of those deaths occurred right after the booster shots were rolled out. We had some very high-profile sudden deaths. And then that just seemed to accelerate.

This summer, we had the second booster rolled out, so the fourth shot. And then we saw a big cluster of deaths in July of 2022 — doctors dying left and right. And even McMaster University (in Hamilton, Ontario) came out and admitted that they lost three of their young residents, medical residents this summer — died at age 25, 27, and 32.

And so, I kept track of all of these sudden deaths. And it's now at 93 — 93 sudden deaths of actively practicing Canadian doctors who didn't have any obvious prior conditions prior to the vaccine rollout. And this is since the vaccine rollout; 93 sudden deaths and Canadian doctors.

And so, Dr. Makis did some digging.

He collaborated with a group of people to put together a database, in which they discovered around 1900 doctor deaths of all causes over the past four years using the Canadian Medical Association’s website, royal college websites of medical schools, and other sources.

And when you look at increased mortality since the rollout of the vaccines, there’s increased mortality across ALL age groups. But “It seems to get worse the younger you get.”

Doctors of all ages are dying at much higher rates. But once you start getting under the age of 50, you’re looking at double the mortality since the rollout of vaccines. But the younger you go, the higher the mortality is.

If you look at all the doctors under 40, it’s [a] four to five times increase in mortality compared to 2020 or 2019. And with the youngest doctors, doctors under the age of 30, so these would be medical residents, that jumps to eight times, eight-fold mortality compared to pre-vaccine rollout. And those deaths in those age groups are very, very rare. They were very rare in the past. And now they’re suddenly much more common. And that’s really a safety signal.

Everyone who tries to attack me on this, I say, “Look at this as a safety signal. You can choose to ignore it if you want to.” But as a physician, these are my physician colleagues. I’m worried — I’m worried about all my physician colleagues across Canada. I don’t want them to die suddenly; I don’t want them to end up on my list. And I don’t want them to ignore this because I think it’s a very serious safety signal.

I personally would describe this as MORE than “a very serious safety signal.” If four to five times more doctors under 40 are dying, that’s not a safety signal. That’s a DEATH signal. And excess mortality is up across the globe. Our health officials, whose job it is to look at these numbers, should have been sounding the alarm long ago.

But as Ed Dowd says:

At this point, it's a cover-up. And it's criminal negligence because they see exactly what we see — and other countries are starting to stop it. So the longer this goes on, the more we can say it's criminal.


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