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Del Bigtree Responds to Calls for Amnesty: "When You're Ready to Repent, I'm Ready to Forgive"

"It wasn't okay just because that's what you were told to do."

Thanks to The Atlantic, the hot topic today, besides sudden death, is amnesty. “We made mistakes. We were in the dark. Let's move on and pretend nothing happened.” But like any abusive relationship, it is the abusers wanting to move on, not the abused.

Before we grant amnesty to those who pushed the unvaccinated out of society, stripped away our livelihoods, and treated us as though we had leprosy, there is one question that the pro-lockdown / pro-mandate crowd desperately needs to answer…

What exactly are the actions that took place for which you are seeking amnesty?

Because until you can acknowledge what your mistakes were, how will you learn and not repeat those same mistakes? And to those who had their livelihoods destroyed or businesses shut down, couldn’t you make an effort to say, “I’m sorry”?

But we’re not really seeing that. What we see is a shift of public opinion, and those who are now in the hot seat want to erase history — move on to the next distraction as if nothing happened.

But back to the question of forgiveness.

“Could you please articulate exactly what it is that we are supposed to forgive?”

That's what The Highwire's Del Bigtree wants to know. Let's give him the floor to ask some much-needed questions.

So what are we supposed to forgive?

Are we supposed to forgive the fact that you locked down and took away our jobs — our dreams of having a future?

That in that process, you destroyed our economy, not just in America, but around the world? Are we supposed to forgive that move?

Are we supposed to forgive all the sanitizing and the spraying and invasive destruction of our nasal passages as you tested us with a product that in itself couldn't even test properly?

And how about all those that died and weren’t treated right in hospitals? And we couldn’t even get to them to say “goodbye.” Our loved ones, our elderly, our aunts, our uncles, our mothers, our fathers — instead, we were left outside, and they were left alone.

We couldn't go to a funeral. And how about all the suicides that took place? And the child abuse and domestic abuse and drug abuse?

Or turning our children into hypochondriacs? Are they going to forgive us for that — for destroying their education and putting them behind in reading and math? Are we forgiving for all of these reasons, or will our children forgive us?

And how about denying people transplants because they didn't want an experimental vaccine that might cause the very problem they needed a transplant for?

And then the police brutality, attacking those people that were standing in their truth — that wanted to watch their child play in a sports event without wearing a mask because they knew, as we now know, masks don’t work.

Should we forgive the president who promised us that he wouldn’t force the vaccine upon us — then took away jobs from the military, police officers, frontline doctors, and firefighters, leaving them with nowhere to go?

And then the injuries — people suffering from all sorts of seizures that are unexplained, being left in hospitals. And the lies that were done by the pharmaceutical industry, saying that these things never happened.

And then those problematic vaccines. Not only are they hurting people, but they're still being mandated on our children. Do we forgive while we're continuing to give this product to our innocent children that aren't at risk?

And how many headlines of athletes crashing into the floor? Unable to ever play again — maybe dead.

Or all of the people, the performers, the singers that can't get through a concert or can't do a concert any longer.

This brand new normal. Is this what we're supposed to forgive and forget and have amnesty for while it's happening right now? …

You see, this is the problem. We are not even through this situation, and I have not heard you articulate — I'm still listening — I'm still listening for exactly what it is you understand I'm supposed to forgive you for. Because there's a word that goes along with forgiveness … and that word is repent. You see, in order to deserve to be forgiven, you must articulate what you're being forgiven for. That's called repenting.

Or how about when we think of a court case, where's your remorse? What are you remorseful for? Please explain to me what you think you did wrong here. Because in the Nuremberg trials … the doctors did not repent. They did not say, “We made a mistake.” What they said was, “We didn't know better.” “There was no way for us to know.” “We were following orders.” “We were just doing what we were told.”

“There was no way to know better. The Science™ changed on us.”

As it turns out … it wasn't okay to test on innocent children products that hadn't been properly safety tested. It wasn't okay to avoid the proof of myocarditis and blood clotting and thrombocytopenia and anaphylaxis and all the things that we were seeing with the products…

Okay! Yes — benefit of hindsight now. Maybe you could say that. But we didn’t know it then; therefore, we must be forgiven. Well, I’m all about forgiveness. But I’m not even ready for that conversation until I hear those that made this mistake — those that continue to censor — those that continue to attack, and those that will not admit that these are not sudden adult dead syndrome deaths … When you stop being mystified by this rise in death and get to the reality that you gave an unproven, untested pharmaceutical product that was killing every animal in the animal trials prior to giving it to human beings. When you admit that just maybe it’s the vaccine that is now killing all of us around the world that are dying and collapsing on fields and collapsing on stages. It seems to me we’re a long ways away from that.

When I think about where Jimmy Kimmel stood in the middle of this, shall we forgive him for saying things like this?

Dr. Fauci said that if hospitals get any more overcrowded, they're going to have to make some very tough choices about who gets an ICU bed. That choice doesn't seem so tough to me. Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes. Come right on in; we'll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo? Rest in peace, Wheezy. We still got a lot of pandimwits out there.

I guess it is ironic that he said, “vaccinated guy having a heart attack?” which is exactly what appears to be happening to the vaccinated people around the world. But if you’re unvaccinated and have any need for the hospital, “Screw you. I want you to die.”

They’re harsh words. It doesn’t mean that just [because they’re] harsh words that we shouldn’t forgive them. And I suppose that there’s those that went through the Holocaust that to ask themselves, “Should I forgive the doctors that ended up being hung after the Nuremberg trials?” after the courts decided it wasn’t okay just because that’s what you were told to do. Just because you thought you were doing what was right.

In the end, it was wrong, and you should have known better. How do we know you know better? When you tell us what you did wrong — and that you actually know better. It’s time to repent. When you’re ready to repent, I’m ready to forgive. And in that moment — and then and only then — will we consider amnesty.


Beautifully said, Del.

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