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Don't Let Pfizer Get Away With the Greatest Crime in Human History


Pfizer knew their injections would damage the hearts of teens; they kept going anyway.

And when Maddie de Garay was injured during trials, they summarized her harrowing experience as “functional abdominal pain,” a stomach ache.

Don’t let them get away with the greatest crime in human history.

The information that Pfizer and the FDA wanted to keep hidden for 75 years has been thoroughly documented and compiled into an ebook. Force the criminals to confront this damning information by pushing it to the top of the algorithm — for all to see:

Pick Up Your Copy

A good policy: buy all the books that you are “not supposed” to read from Amazon but buy all other books from someone else. But if you insist, it is also available on our website.

It took me several hours to compile and create this video, so please share it far and wide. Thanks so much for your support.


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