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Dr. Charles Hoffe: "Your Body Belongs to You!"

Not the government, your employer, or anyone else can tell you otherwise.

During a zoom call with RAIRFoundationUSA, Dr. Charles Hoffe homed in on how everything our governments have told us is a lie.

"Their narrative that everyone is equally vulnerable, and Klaus Schwab's famous quote, 'No one is safe until everyone is vaccinated,' is absurd because the average age in Canada of people who have died with COVID is 82.

So this has been devastating to the long-term care facilities. It has been devastating to the old-age homes. But really to children and young people. This is absurd! There is less risk [of dying from COVID] than getting the flu for anyone aged under the age of 70.

And yet they have massively, just absurdly, exaggerated this and terrified people into having this injection, which is now clearly the most dangerous injection — there's no other medical treatment that has ever killed or maimed so many people in the history of medicine."

There's no denying it. Just look at the VAERS numbers.

Next, Hoffe reels in on the "take-home message" everyone needs to hear.

"Firstly, you cannot believe anything that the media or public health have told you. They are proven liars.

And most of all, your body belongs to you. The issue of bodily autonomy: your body does not belong to the government or to your employer or to anyone else that tries to force you to put anything into it. It belongs to you.

And people have to realize that. They need to demand absolute autonomy and authority about what goes into their bodies and need to literally just stand their ground. This is absolutely critical that people don't give in because it is proven unsafe to do so."

Wise words from Dr. Hoffe. This is the number one issue that forced my hand to take to social media.

As Dr. Julie Ponesse, a Ph.D. in ethics, states, "It is ethically wrong to coerce someone to take a vaccine. If it happens to you, you don't have to do it."

Follow the link below to see the rest of this Zoom call with the great Charles Hoffe.

Everything They’ve Told You Is a Lie: Dr. Charles Hoffe on Vaccine Side Effects

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