Dr. David Martin Reveals Who Is Pulling the Strings Behind the World Health Organization


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Who are “THEY”?

“We have to name the names” in the worst miscarriage of medical science in history.

Is it the World Health Organization?

Dr. David Martin says Tedros is just a puppet with a “giant stick up his ass, which is what’s making his mouth move.”

“But who’s moving the stick for the puppet?”

The answer is, according to Dr. Martin:

• Bill Gates

• The Wellcome Trust

• The Rockefeller Foundation

“By 2023, which is kind of where we are right now, Gates represents 88% of the donations to the World Health Organization from donor organizations and agencies. By any definition, that’s a controlling interest.”

Bill Gates is no philanthropist; he’s laundering money into the World Health Organization.

And when Gates and others state that having vaccinations where they are needed could potentially lead to as much as a 20% reduction in the Earth’s population, according to Dr. Martin, “those are not allegations; those are stated objectives.”

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