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Dr. McCullough: Lawsuits Are Coming for Those Who Defrauded the Public

The allegations: wrongful advertising, fraud, and harm to the population.

Originally Published on DailyClout

“I’m still seeing [vaccine] ads on TV paid for by the North Carolina government!” objected Real America’s Voice commentator John Fredericks. “I’m still seeing ads on TV telling you to get your child, your kindergartner, vaccinated — paid for by the government here in North Carolina! Tell me how that makes any sense,” he bade.

“It’s true. What’s going on is illegal pharmaceutical advertising,” attested world-renowned doctor Peter McCullough.

Dr. McCullough is an internist, epidemiologist, and one of the most published cardiologists ever in America — serving as the Chief Scientific Officer of The Wellness Company. Since the outset of COVID-19, Dr. McCullough has contributed to dozens of peer-reviewed publications on the illness and has commented extensively on the botched response and the subsequent injections.

Dr. McCullough elaborates on illegal advertising. “We have multiple laws that apply that all biopharmaceutical products have to be presented with both the risks and the benefits — Americans know that. The companies and the governments together have defrauded Americans in terms of the truth of the vaccine,” he conveyed.

“A manufacturer must present truthful, non-misleading information that adequately balances a prescription drug product’s benefits and risks to the intended audience.”

Lawsuits are already underway.

Japanese researchers – led by Professor Fukushima – filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government for suppressing the truth about the harmful side effects of the C19 injections.

And international banker Pascal Najadi has launched a groundbreaking criminal case against new Swiss President Alain Berset.

So we can expect to see “case after case,” stated Dr. McCullough. “And the allegations will be wrongful advertising, fraud regarding the product, and then the harms that are done to the population: injuries, disabilities, and deaths.”

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Dr. Peter A. McCullough - Covid Vaccine Injury Class Action Lawsuits Coming To Big Pharma


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