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Dr. McCullough Testifies the Truth About COVID-19, mRNA Shots, and the WHO Before the European Parliament

It's time to pull out from the World Health Organization. Dr. McCullough explains why.

Esteemed cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough unleashed an array of truth bombs during his presentation to the European Parliament on September 13, 2023, in a session specifically focused on the World Health Organization and the global management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are five key takeaways from Dr. McCullough's presentation:

  • There were two main waves of harm: the first being the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak affecting mainly vulnerable populations, and the second being injuries related to COVID-19 vaccinations.

  • The WHO is part of a complex biopharmaceutical syndicate involving organizations like the United Nations, World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation, and Rockefeller Foundation. He accuses them of adversely impacting the pandemic response.

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci and others concealed the lab-engineered origins of the virus in Wuhan, China.

  • The only effective ways to prevent hospitalization and death are through early treatment and acquiring natural immunity. Dr. McCullough criticized organizations like the WHO for obstructing such early treatment options.

  • mRNA "vaccines" introduce a potentially harmful genetic code into the human body, leading to multiple diseases, including myocarditis.


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    Rumble link to this video.

    Dr. McCullough also outlined how the COVID "vaccines" injure and kill:

    Cardiovascular Disease

    • "We've seen cardiac arrest now two years after these shots."

    • Myocarditis (heart inflammation)

    • Acceleration of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

    • Heart attacks • Posterior orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)

    • Aortic dissection

    • Atrial fibrillation

    • Cardiac arrest in the absence of myocarditis 

    Neurologic Disease

    • Stroke (both ischemic and hemorrhagic)

    • Guillain–Barré syndrome (can cause ascending paralysis leading to death)

    • Small fiber neuropathy (numbness and tingling)

    Blood Clots

    • "The spike protein is the most thrombogenic protein we've ever seen in human medicine."

    • Unusually large and resistant blood clots 

    • Blood clots that are not dissolving with conventional treatments 

    Immunologic Abnormalities

    • Vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia

    • Multisystem inflammatory disorder 

    While the "vaccines" pose risks, steps can be taken to mitigate further harm. Check out Dr. McCullough's expert insights on how to recover post-vaccination in the link below:

    First-Ever Spike Detox Protocol Appears in US Medical Journal: Here’s How You Can Get Better

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