Dr. Naomi Wolf Addresses the 'Monsters' at Pfizer Putting Profits Before Humanity

“It’s the greatest crime against humanity.”

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Project Veritas dropped a bombshell last night (1/25/23), which is easily the biggest story of 2023. A high-ranking Pfizer executive, Jordon Trishton Walker, openly admitted to a former Pfizer employee, with no remorse, the objectionable practices being discussed at the pharma behemoth.

What was often referred to as gain-of-function research in the past has apparently been rebranded as “directed evolution” at Pfizer. “Why don’t we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves?” the Strategic Operations executive said. “So we could preemptively develop new vaccines, right?”

He later discussed the practice of putting viruses in monkeys “to cause them to keep infecting each other.” And after collecting serial samples, take the more infectious ones, put them in another monkey, “and you just constantly actively mutate it [COVID].” This is a technique called “serial passage,” according to Dr. Robert Malone.

Please note that we don’t have any hard evidence that Pfizer was responsible for past mutations of COVID, such as Delta and Omicron. But at minimum, this practice was being discussed as a potential “cash cow” for Pfizer, which in itself — is an absurd mindset with no respect for humanity.

This is a monumental story with tens of millions of views. And Project Veritas’ confrontation video, released today (1/26/23), if the video represents what it appears to, will likely go down in history. “You f*cked up!” Walker shouted. “I’m about to sue you,” he said — moments before smashing an iPad.

Although Walker’s words, if true, caught on tape were objectionable, we hope the best for his mental health after heavy backlash.

The Project Veritas video caught the eye of DailyClout CEO Dr. Naomi Wolf.

She, like most individuals who saw the video, was absolutely appalled by Walker’s statements. Being a human encyclopedia on the heinous actions of Pfizer, she addressed the ‘monsters’ at the pharma behemoth for their role in “the greatest crime against humanity.” Let’s give her the floor:

Image Credit: New York Times

Hi, everyone. It’s Dr. Naomi Wolf of DailyClout. And I’m just reacting to the quite explosive undercover video that Project Veritas released, in which a Pfizer official was acknowledging that there have been high-level internal discussions, at the very least, of creating mutations of the virus, the COVID virus, so that there could be future vaccines to target those variants — something that is pretty much gain of function, which is illegal, but they’re calling it by a different name, which is “directed evolution.”

I bring this up because those of you who have read or followed our 3500 medical and scientific experts at DailyClout and the War Room have gone through the 55,000 documents a month release that the FDA asked the court to keep hidden for 75 years.

Those who are familiar with that project know that the Pfizer Documents ebook, which is out and amazingly is number five on the Amazon nonfiction bestsellers list, know that what they’ve discovered is the other side of this genocidal coin.

They, too, have found, from the internal documents, that Pfizer is willing, with complete amorality and lack of ethics, to experiment on human beings — to kill human beings.

They found headlines ranging from Pfizer knowing that they had to hire 2400 full-time staff to process the reports of adverse events that they were receiving to the mRNA injection and that they anticipated receiving all the way to Pfizer knowing that 35 minors sustained heart damage within a week after being injected.

Pfizer, and of course, thus, the FDA, knew that 61 people dropped dead of strokes within 90 days after receiving the Pfizer injection, the mRNA injection — and half of the stroke events were within 48 hours, all the way to five people dying of liver damage after being injected with mRNA. And again, half of the liver damage events [were] within 48 hours after injection.

Pfizer knew that [78%] of the pregnancies that they followed to term resulted in the loss of the baby and that they were causing harm to male sperm and sperm motility, sperm counts, all the way down to degrading the testes of unborn baby boys. So they would never grow up into adult men — sexually. Pfizer knew all of this, and they kept going.

And so, I want to really applaud Project Veritas. Kudos to them. It’s a story that continues to unfold. But I also want to say that people should continue to read the Pfizer ebook and watch the Project Veritas video because these are two sides of the same genocidal coin. These people are monsters, and now two groups have independently confirmed that they’re willing to kill human beings or experiment on human beings — or at least discussed in the case of Project Veritas — releasing — driving variants of a deadly virus in order to generate profit.

It’s the greatest crime against humanity. It’s fully documented in the Pfizer War Room / DailyClout ebook and now, again, with Project Veritas. Please support us in getting the truth out about the greatest crime in human history. Thank you so much. Naomi Wolf, DailyClout.



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