Dr. Naomi Wolf: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Is Responsible for Mass Murder

"She knew, and she kept saying 'safe and effective.'"

On October 4, Attorney Aaron Siri went on Fox News to announce a big legal victory against the CDC, forcing them to hand over V-safe data.

Of the 10 million people in that database, 7.7% had to seek medical care post-injection, and a staggering 25% had to miss work due to side effects that interfered with their normal life function.


“This is Rochelle Walensky’s database,” said Dr. Naomi Wolf on the War Room. “This is what she’s criminally liable for.” And yet, all we heard from the CDC director’s mouth was “safe and effective.”

So [these V-safe numbers are] absolutely shocking! And it confirms again, independently, what Ed Dowd and his data sets have been showing you, which is disabilities and injuries of Americans at an industrial scale that you cannot even imagine.

And I can’t stress enough, Steve, this is THE GOVERNMENT database of what happens when you get injected with these vaccines. This is Rochelle Walensky’s custody database.

So it shows 700,000+ doctor visits, 6.4 million health impacts, over 2 million serious adverse events, serious side effects. And this is adverse events like “I can’t work.” “I can’t engage in my normal activities.” “I’m disabled.” So these are injuries of Americans at a massive scale.

And remember, this is what Ed Dowd showed you when he said that there’s a huge jump in the rate of disability claims per his data sets, which were insurance industry data sets. And the people who are being harmed are working-age Americans.

So this independent V-Safe data set confirms that, in absolutely horrific detail, millions of Americans severely injured to the point of not being able to work, having to see their doctors, going to the emergency room subsequent to the injections. This is not random; it’s what happened after you got vaccinated.

And who in a position of authority knew all of this?

And Rochelle Walensky didn't just know; she was in charge of it. This is why say it’s mass murder at a massive scale. She knew, and she kept saying “safe and effective.” She knew and she kept saying, “no serious side effects. Maybe you'll feel tired. Maybe you'll get a headache.” She knew that millions of Americans were going to the emergency room seeing their doctors too disabled to work — hundreds of thousands having serious adverse events. She knew it!

Behavior like this is exactly why people like Dr. Henry Ealy are working so hard to hold the CDC accountable. Their alleged crimes: criminal data fraud and willful misconduct.

If you want to help their cause and let your voice be heard, please sign the petition below to demand a Grand Jury investigation.

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