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Dr. Ryan Cole Addresses Covid-19 Jab Claims: Graphene Oxide, Nanotech, Parasites

What exactly is in these shots?

This week (Ep. 297) on The Highwire, Del Bigtree made a special visit to Cole Diagnostics to get under the microscope to try and answer a very important question — what exactly is in these shots? We know the contents are inconsistent and vary from batch to batch, but what should we think of these headlines?

• “Here’s How Graphene Oxide in All Covid ‘Vaccines’ is Slowly Killing the Vaccinated

• “Scientists worldwide claim all Covid-19 Vaccines contain Nanotechnology & Graphene Oxide

• “Here's one of the PARASITES found in the #Moderna Vaxx, analysed under microscopy…”

That’s where we refer to the expertise of Dr. Ryan Cole, who has spent many thousands of hours throughout his career looking under the microscope.

Graphene Oxide

Del and Dr. Cole ran into these objects inside the COVID shots that looked like rods.

But when they turned on their sides, they appeared as flat plates. Is this graphene oxide — or something else?

“These are cholesterol crystals,” attested Dr. Cole.

“That spike protein is incredibly inflammatory to the lining of our blood vessels. All of us have a little cholesterol plaque on the walls of our vessels. But when you get that inflammatory process going, now, those cholesterol crystals, due to inflammation, are broken loose. So, they get cast off,” explained Dr. Cole.



“So, look at this,” directed Cole. “Well, doesn’t that look like microcircuitry and a self-assembling nanochip?” he asked.

“No, it's just stacked-layered cholesterol.”


“Okay, are there contaminants?” asked Dr. Cole. “Sure,” he answered. “Are there metallic particles in these? Yes, aluminum, silicon, magnesium, sodium chloride, calcium, titanium, iron, etc.”

He also explains, “A small study was done that showed if you took some fluid out of the vials with a pipette, took some out with a needle, some of these metals are actually coming from rapidly-manufactured needles.”

Polyethylene Glycol

Is there polyethylene glycol in these shots? You bet. But “it’s not antifreeze from your car,” clarified Dr. Cole. And what it does is preserve and protect the nanoparticle at cold temperatures.

Take note that many people are allergic to this material — which accounted for many of the incidents of acute anaphylactic shock — and often death — directly after the shot.

But the main takeaway, according to Dr. Cole, is that polyethylene glycol is a harmful molecule that inhibits the ability of macrophages to present an antigen and stimulate an immune response. And the amount in each shot was “all over the map.”


So, this looks scary. What is this?

“That’s from the bottom of a leaf,” answered Ryan Cole. It’s called stellate trichome.

“If you’re doing microscopy in a living room, or you’re doing it in a non-laboratory setting, you’re gonna get all sorts of particulates in the air,” explained Cole. “That’s a bottom of a leaf floating around in the air.”

So, the million-dollar question.

“Over 100 vials [have] gone through mass spec. Really the burning question for me — did we find graphene oxide in any of the vaccines?” asked Del Bigtree.

“Absolutely not,” answered Dr. Cole. “Zippo, zero, nada — none.”

“And so, those little flakes that we were seeing — those little lines and floating things, those are three things — those cholesterol crystals we saw. And there’s a cholesterol-cholesterin spike on some of these mass spec graphs. And Pfizer has a lot of salt and some sugars. Moderna has more sugar — a little less salt. And we’re also seeing those little plates are also salt flakes and salt crystals, these cholesterol crystals, and sugar crystals as well,” summarized Cole.

“And so, at the end of the day, the mass spec showed that that’s what it was. These vials have lipid content. They have polyethylene glycol content in varying ratios. They have salts. They have sugars. They do have genetic material. And that’s what was in the vials. And then, some lots had some contaminants.”

So, that’s a no from Dr. Ryan Cole on graphene oxide, nanotech, and parasites.

But what’s important is that we know ample harmful mechanisms of the shot — and the evidence against them is damning as is.

“We’ve already shown you enough mechanisms,” emphasized Del Bigtree. “The toll-like receptors being shut down, the potential to have cancers, the antibody-dependent enhancement issues, the spike protein. It is toxic! It causes clotting all by itself … So with all of that, yes, there may be other things, but I was saying let’s be sure that we are not overstating something we can’t prove when there is so much right now that is in the scientific literature that [we] can.”

Well said, Del. If you’d like to watch the entire episode of The Highwire, you can do so on their website. Del Bigtree and team do incredible work — and I make sure to tune in every week.

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