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Ed Dowd Reveals the Top Contenders for the Next Big Distraction

What does Warren Buffett know that we don't know?

There’s a health epidemic plaguing the world that no one seems to want to talk about. Daily, we encounter alarming stories of individuals – previously in sound health – unexpectedly collapsing on the pitch, experiencing severe blood clots, or succumbing to sudden death.

It’s a weird phenomenon that didn’t exist at this scale until billions of people worldwide rolled up their sleeves and took two or more COVID shots, either electively or against their will.

Former Blackrock portfolio manager Edward Dowd has been sounding the alarm on a disturbing disability and excess mortality trend. And recently, he unearthed unsettling data, indicating a sharp surge in medical claims within the UK.

So, if ill-advised COVID policies have either deliberately or inadvertently destroyed the health of the world’s population, how do people in positions of authority make sure they are not held accountable? The answer is – a distraction.

Ed Dowd sat down with Alex Jones, outlining two scenarios that are certain to grab people’s attention.

Distraction 1 - Economic Collapse

“We’re predicting an economic recession in Q3, Q4, Q1 [2024]. So, that’ll probably be in the headline soon once the summer is over — we get into the fall. Everyone’s asleep. The stock market seems to be okay, but it’s really not. It’s only five stocks. So once we start to see that, that’ll be a distraction.”

Distraction 2 - War With China

“Warren Buffett, who is not a dumb guy, might have some information you and I don’t have — sold his Taiwan semiconductor stock in the first quarter.”

“Here it is,” interjected Alex Jones. “Fox Business: ‘Expert warns US over China flashing military capabilities: Ready for war.’” And so, “A lot of the big dogs are saying this is the next distraction,” Jones concluded. “That is crazy.”

“Yeah,” agreed Dowd. He noted how Warren Buffett bought his Taiwan semiconductor stock at the end of 2022 and then sold it in the first quarter of 2023. In Wall Street, such a move is called pulling a 180, Dowd remarked. “And he actually said, and it’s quoted as saying, ‘War was a consideration in my [Buffett’s] sale of the stock.’”

“Warren Buffett does not flip stocks,” Dowd continued. “When he buys, he buys and holds for years. He does. He bought it at the end of last year, and he blew it out six months later. And he said war. Now, Warren Buffett, I think, he’s got better information than I have.”

Warren Buffett. Image:

Warren Buffett has a net worth of $116 billion and is, perhaps, the most successful investor that ever lived. The question is, what does Warren Buffett know about Taiwan that we don’t know?

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