Elon Musk Issues Emotional Statement in the Final Minutes of Don Lemon Interview

In the face of being pestered for an hour straight, Musk delivered one of his most compelling commentaries yet.

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After enduring an hour of Don Lemon’s politically-charged questions and constant attempts at “gotcha” moments, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk emerged from the interview with the public perception of holding the moral high ground.

“How do you see your legacy, Elon?” the former CNN anchor asked. “How will people see you in the —”

“First of all,” Musk answered, “if I died knowing that I did what was right, or did my best to do what was right, and even if in the history books, they said I did wrong, I would still feel okay about that. I care about the reality of goodness, not the perception of it.”

Musk continued. “I think we should view civilization as tenuous, as fragile. If you do study history broadly, you'll see there's a rise and fall [of] civilizations. They don't always go up. So, we should do everything we possibly can to preserve and extend civilization as we know it and improve it — to become more enlightened over time. And we, therefore, want to address civilizational risks. We want to make sure that we don’t have, for example, demographic collapse, which is the case in a lot of countries — just very low birth rate. We want to avoid, obviously avoid, World War 3 — anything that is a civilizational risk. That is what I care about. Civilizational risks.”

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