Ex-Pharma Insider Warns of Looming Government-Funded ‘Medical Disaster’


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More American tax dollars are destined to be spent on a “medical disaster.”

Enter Ozempic, a diabetes and weight loss drug that is “going to be the highest-funded drug by the US taxpayer in history.”

Ozempic has some severe problems, according to ex-pharma insider Calley Means:

1. Gastrointestinal issues and stomach paralysis:

• “The drug itself, essentially, is stomach paralysis ... So there are lawsuits now with people with severe gastrointestinal issues after coming off the drugs.”

2. Weight gain after discontinuation:

• “When you go off the drug, you gain the weight back.”

3. Suicidal ideation caused by Ozempic:

• “Additionally, the EU... just launched a probe into suicidal ideation caused by Ozempic.”

• “We’re actually seeing reports of a mass increase in mental health disorders and even suicidal ideation from Ozempic.”

Notably, Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of Ozempic, has overtaken LVMH to emerge as the most valuable corporation in Europe.

“They don’t allow this drug for obesity in Europe,” said Means.

“Almost all of Novo Nordisk’s revenue is coming from taking advantage of Americans.”

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This video segment with Means and Carlson garnered over 3 million views on the 𝕏 platform. Means issued a brief statement in response:

“This is one of the most crucial points for every American to understand: The reason pharma money makes up more than 50% of TV news ad spending isn’t to influence you. It’s to influence the news itself. Pharma buys direct line to news editors and tech companies. I saw it.”

The full interview is available below:

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