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Explosive New Study Reveals "No Convincing Evidence" on SSRI Efficacy

Pharma can't patent this, but one of the best ways of treating depression is FREE!

After being linked to potentially violent tendencies, we really must take a closer look at SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

ground-breaking new study was released on these drugs, and the gist of their findings is “There is no support for the hypothesis that depression is caused by lowered serotonin activity or concentrations.” So now, they “have questioned the reasons behind high prescribing rates of antidepressants.”

So it seems the risk/reward is not quite there. Unfortunately, more and more people are taking these medications while the underlying problem of depression is only getting worse.

Image Credit: The Times

So what can we do? That’s where Dr. Malone came in to explain during a segment on the War Room. It’s very simple, and it’s a nonpharmacological intervention that THEY CAN’T PATENT! Want to know what it is? The sun!

Image Credit: Mick Haupt


"There's some good news, everybody. Even though the data on the influence of serotonin and depression is basically junk. That's what this umbrella analysis shows. The data on the linkage between sunlight, vitamin D, and depression is strong. There are multiple papers out; it is very clear. Increasing your vitamin D levels, what a shock, just the same as how you can prevent your own COVID, to a large extent — getting your vitamin D levels up really helps with depression, and it's not good enough to sit behind glass.

My friends, you have to get out. You have to have direct sunlight. The more, the better. Sunscreens are actually not your friend in terms of vitamin D, and I just want to leave everybody with the understanding that we have options, and what a surprise, there are options which the pharmaceutical industry has done their best to suppress any awareness of. They trashed the likes of Dr. Mercola, but in fact, he's [right] on this one, too."

Amazing! Whenever you can, please consider getting more time outside. On your break in the work lounge, staring at your phone? Try going out instead for a 15-minute walk. We could all use less screen time; turn that time into sun time.

Not only will it improve your health, but you can stick it to Pharma, too, becoming one less exploitable person to their bottom line.

I am proud to announce that I have left my day job to become an independent reporter! If you want to help keep this operation afloat, consider becoming a paid subscriber.

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