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Explosive Report Drops a Bomb on the Entire Childhood Vaccine Schedule

The CDC doesn't want you to hear this information.

It turns out that the shots forced on children to attend school have “negligible or non-existent benefits” but “documented side effects.”

This is true for many of the most widely-used vaccines, including the MMR, DPT, flu, and the tetanus shots.

This information came to light from a comprehensive report written by popular Substack author, A Midwestern Doctor.

The author highlights that following the introduction of bacterial childhood vaccinations, not only did the targeted infections become more widespread, but other bacterial infections also emerged and evolved into more dangerous strains. This new reality prompted the creation of more vaccines, which in turn has accelerated this “downward spiral” and boosted “Big Pharma profits.”

Dr. Pierre Kory, a critical care specialist who has risen to prominence after the COVID debacle, writes, “Before COVID, I didn’t think there were serious issues with the childhood vaccines, but now, like many, I’ve come to question that assumption.”

Read the full article by A Midwestern Doctor below. It will blow your mind:

The Forgotten Side of Medicine
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