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FBI Whistleblower Exposes Agency’s “Political Litmus Test”

“The nightmare scenario.”

It turns out that the FBI punishes agents who hold the wrong political views.

This was unearthed when an FBI whistleblower handed over internal documents to John Solomon of Just The News.

These documents show that the FBI has an internal “political litmus test” for security clearances.

The whistleblower, with 12 years of service, had his loyalty checked regarding his stance on the vaccine mandate, Donald Trump, and the Second Amendment.

He answered “wrong” to those questions. As such, “he was suspended indefinitely without pay.”

Click here to watch Tucker’s interview with the whistleblower’s lawyer, Tristan Leavitt.

“The FBI is the most powerful law enforcement organization in the world, certainly in the free world or what we've referred to for our lifetimes as the free world. The nightmare scenario is that it becomes perverted, subverted into a secret police force, a Tonton Macoute, accountable to politicians and used to punish the adversaries of the regime. That's the one thing you can't have happen, or your country will no longer be a free country.

“Unfortunately, there's some evidence that this is happening. The latest comes from an FBI whistleblower and the documents that he's handed over to John Solomon of Just The News. These documents suggest that the FBI now has an internal political litmus test. In this case, after 12 years working for the agency, the FBI checked whether he supported the vaccine mandate, Donald Trump, and the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

“After determining that he supported all of these things, which at least half the country does support, he was denied his security clearance. This comes from newly unearthed documents that confirmed the FBI checked his loyalty before allowing him a security clearance. When he was denied, he was suspended indefinitely without pay.”