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Fraudulent Fauci Protected By His Wife! The Cesspool for Conflicts of Interest That Is the NIH

"No university, no IRB would allow an advisory committee to make decisions with all that conflict of interest."

In an Interview With Epoch Times, Dr. Harvey Risch explains how the interests of Pharma have embedded themselves into the NIH, aided and abetted by no one other than Dr. Fauci.

"Dr. Fauci has put in the approval panels of these agencies — many people who have conflicts of interest with pharma. No university, no IRB would allow an advisory committee to make decisions with all that conflict of interest, but apparently, in NIH, there's no pushback from that, because the ethics department is apparently run by Dr. Fauci's wife."


Image Credit: Getty Images | Epoch Times

Oh, my gosh. But it’s not just healthcare, “EPA is another one where this has happened.”

The problem is that most of the lower ranking members, highly-trained and well-intended people, are either too afraid to speak out or unaware of the ingrained bias.

"It's a problem that is going to be difficult to solve because the people who are actually doing the work, you know, are very well trained and highly efficient and experts at doing their jobs, and [they] just don't see that they're doing anything untoward compared to the actual evidence that's out there.

What that really means is that they are selectively looking at evidence without doing a representative sampling of all the evidence that they should be paying attention to. And that's how they can come up with decisions, with evidence favoring one side or the other by ignoring evidence that they don't want to consider by calling it “weak evidence” or poor quality evidence, that using subjective methods and evaluating evidence, you can get rid of the stuff that's inconvenient.”

This seems to be a trend. Whenever inconvenient evidence pops up, “Oops! We lost that data!” or “Oops! We forgot to mention that to you!”

The last two years have been nothing short of scientific fraud, and with Fauci at the helm of the NIH, it’s probably been decades that such practices have been going on.

To watch the entirety of this interview with the exemplary Dr. Harvey Risch, follow the link below.

Dr. Harvey Risch: Why Are Vaccinated People Getting COVID at Higher Rates Than the Unvaccinated?

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