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Heart-Stopping Trend: Myocarditis Rates Are So High That Dr. McCullough Reports Seeing Two Cases PER DAY


“Before COVID-19, I saw two cases of myocarditis my entire career ... Now I see two cases per day in the clinic. It’s that frequent,” he lamented.

Cho and colleagues reported data from Korea and found 480 myocarditis cases and 21 deaths in one paper.

“COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis is fatal,” Dr. McCullough continued. “And people should understand that [with] every shot they take, there’s a risk.”

Here’s the full transcript for those who want to read more:

Before COVID-19, I saw two cases of myocarditis my entire career. It can happen — can happen with a parvovirus or adenovirus. Actually, the most deadly form is called giant cell myocarditis of which we don't know what causes it. But two cases over decades. Now I see two cases per day in the clinic. It's that frequent.

What we learned is that COVID-19, the viral infection, can cause some myocarditis. The Israeli military, the US military, the NCAA college athletic leagues had massive screening programs for COVID myocarditis in 2020 — before the vaccines. What did they find? They found a handful of cases that would meet a definition, non-serious, no hospitalizations and deaths. None.

What happened is those organizations dropped their screening programs. The vaccines were introduced. Within six months, the FDA, the CDC and every regulatory agency say the vaccines cause myocarditis. And the myocarditis we saw caused by the vaccines was serious. Rates of hospitalization of young people were about 90%. We've seen fatal case after fatal case.

Most recent report by Cho and colleagues from Korea. This is stunning. They're reporting 480 cases in one paper — 21 deaths. Peak age: 18 to 24 — 90% are men. COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis is fatal. And people should understand that [with] every shot they take, there's a risk.

Dr. McCullough’s summary of the Korean study is in the linked piece below:

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Symptomatic COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Myocarditis
By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH It was a matter of time before better quality data emerged on the myriad of complications after ill-advised COVID-19 vaccination. Fatal cases of myocarditis were reported in series up to ~100 cases, but we have been waiting for national sources of data recognizing that young kids with symptoms severe enough to be seen in …
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And the full discussion with doctors Peter McCullough, Roger Hodkinson, William Makis, and more is available here:

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