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'Hell on Earth': Rising Disabilities, Health Issues & Death Are Cause for Concern for a Complete Catastrophe

"The issues are just starting to show up, [and it] makes me very, very frightened."

This is not a prediction former Blackrock executive Ed Dowd wants to be right on, but his forecast for the future is not looking good.

In an interview with former news correspondent Greg Hunter, Ed is asked:

Do you think that there’s going to be any kind of reprieve before the end of this happens? I mean, we’re looking at years. Try to put this into scope: we’re looking at years into the future, right? I mean, this is far from even peaking — or am I wrong?

“Look,” said Ed.

There’s some predictions I make that I hope that generally I’m dead wrong. I mean, this is not one I want to be right on. I think, personally, that hell on earth may have already started, and it’s going to start to accelerate. What I mean by that is we’re going to be overwhelmed with people being disabled and dying at such a rate that we have a breakdown in the supply chain. And basic necessities that we used to take for granted just aren’t there because there’s not enough people to deliver goods, services, and what have you.

That is not something you want to hear.

And it’s a lot to digest all at once, so let’s break it down bit by bit.


This is the department of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This is a database, updated in real-time, and what it shows is over a 10% increase in disability claims from 2020 up until now, increasing from about 29 million Americans to a peak of just under 33 million.

And if you dig into the data, it’s employed people, not the general population, getting disabled at alarming rates.

Take note of that black line at the bottom (ages 16-64). And as you can see, there was a sudden stark rise in that disability rate from about 3.1% to 3.8%. That’s a 22.6% rate of change versus the 6.6% rate of change in the general population.

Ed Dowd: “So curiously enough, employed people are getting disabled at a faster rate than the general U.S. population. And that's about 100 million people.”



People between the ages of 25-64 with group life policies have been historically healthy, dying at about 30% to 40% percent the rate of the general population. (3 to 4 deaths for every 10)

But in 2021, these numbers flipped. And those with group life policies started to die off faster than the general population.

• General population: 31.7% excess mortality in 2021.

• Group life: 40% excess mortality in 2021.

Remember, 2021 was the year of vaccine mandates.

And who do people on group life insurance policies tend to work for? Large, well-established companies — large, well-established companies with vaccine mandates.

Ed Dowd:  “So that’s an eight-point differential for a group that traditionally experiences MUCH LOWER mortality. This is a Mic drop. I don’t care what anybody says.”

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Serious Health Issues

Now, this is a bit anecdotal, but “Anecdotes lead to a thesis, and then you start analyzing data.”

So what’s happening in the month of August and September for me personally? I have a bunch of friends who are younger than me — I’m 55 — in their 30s and 40s, who took this stuff. And they’re starting to have lots of serious issues in their 30s and 40s.

Anecdote # 1

I know one person who recently found out that they had a beats per minute of 30 and were told to see a cardiologist immediately. This is a 30-year-old person. And then they went to the beach on Sunday, and an ambulance had to get called to the beach. Okay, this is serious stuff. 30-year-old: very fit, very healthy.

Anecdote # 2

I have another friend, who it’s been reported to me, works for the government. He was forced to be jabbed. He’s now claiming, after being a big proponent of these things, that he’s got “COVID heart,” and he doesn’t think it’s long COVID; he thinks it’s the vaccine.

Anecdotes #3 - 6

I [know] four other individuals, who used to not have heart problems, and now have heart-racing issues.

Ed summarizes his experience witnessing such health breakdowns on this note.

So this is accelerating, right now, anecdotally for me, and I’m not happy about it. And I’m figuring if I [witness] six people in my friend group that this is happening to, the numbers are going to be horrendous once I get the data going [forward].

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Supply Chain Breakdowns

So if the health of the population truly deteriorates in the way explained above, what’s that going to do to the supply chain? According to Ed’s prior statement, not good news.

We're going to be overwhelmed with people being disabled and dying at such a rate that we have a breakdown in the supply chain. And basic necessities that we used to take for granted just aren’t there because there’s not enough people to deliver goods, services, and what have you.

And this is where we could enter a vicious cycle.

If supply chains break down, that could lead to food shortages. And famine creates more famine, according to Michael Yon.

• When people get hungry, they start robbing food.

• Consequently, supplies stop being transported.

• Government then takes food from the farmers for approved warehouses only.

• People also start taking food from the farmers.

• Farmers throw their hands in the air, unable to make a living, and stop farming altogether.

Michael Yon: "So that's how you see we get into the second season of this. And so, the famine creates more famine, just like fire creates fire."

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So you can see how this can get scary quickly.

And I don’t want to be the one to doom and gloom, but I’m trying to illustrate where Ed might be coming from. Like he said before, “This is one [prediction] where I hope I'm dead-ass wrong.”

And I hope that the human body is more resilient and a lot of people are going to be fine. That’s where I hope I’m wrong. But my anecdotal situation is leading me to believe that it’s — a year after a lot of these people got the vaccine, and the issues are just starting to show up makes me very, very frightened.

Makes me frightened, too.

To get more into the head of Edward Dowd, follow the link below for the full interview.


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