WEF is a stage 5 cancer on humanity. Time to remove the seething, rancid mass.

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First they create a bioweapon vaxx to terminate over millions of humans and blame it on a virus. Now they say there is a new bioweapon virus coming that is much stronger and you will need to get a new vaxx which will be more effective and reverse all the damage the first vaxx caused. These people are mass murderers!

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Three Things here I noticed:

1. Is pure coinicdence they named it after the new Twitter? Could it be symbolicly directed against Musk?

2. "....would global leaders mourn or secretly celebrate that the world’s population was curbed?" That question has to be expanded to many more people than just global leaders......the hypnotic mantra "too many people" has already done its work according to my observations......many people agree internally, many unconsciously....otherwise the silent vaccine genocides of the old and frail would be met with a much bigger outcry.......

3. Was the Virus really only discoverd in Dec 19 or earlier?

4. This this article just turn into an advertising pitch for the Wellness Company or am I stoned? Did it just stir up a lot of fear in people? So how is this different to what the WHO and WEF does? WtF are you doing "Fox"?

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"WEF Hosts Upcoming Meeting to Prepare for “Disease X”"

... I believe that they are talking about Twitter...

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Jan 11·edited Jan 11

Oh FUCK NO. They can all go take a fucking walk, these disease purveyers. STOP making them for Chrissake. No wonder they had 27 labs in Ukraine...it is HARD TO KILL THE WORLD.

Maybe Putin will give us a heads up this time: https://open.substack.com/pub/bioclandestine/p/russian-mil-claimed-the-us-are-planning?r=94r9t&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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