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Horse Paste? Ivermectin Is the ‘Most Dynamic’ and ‘Most Rapidly-Acting’ Medication for COVID

“This intentional propaganda and misinformation, I think it’s going to come at a heavy cost for those who’ve ever said those words.”

Ivermectin has been an interesting topic, seeing a concerted effort to dismiss and smear the medication as a ‘horse dewormer.’ But what’s behind this smear campaign? Could it be that ivermectin poses a serious threat to the vaccination campaign?

In an interview with Maajid Nawaz, Dr. Peter McCullough expresses his own clinical experience using the drug. Listen to what he has to say.

“I can tell you out of all the doctors in the world — I’m nearly certain I’ve used the widest range of drugs. I don’t think there’s a single doctor who can match me. I’ve used them all! … Out of all the drugs that I’ve used, I can tell you, clinically, [that] the most dynamic and most rapidly-acting drug is ivermectin. And that’s the reason why ivermectin gets so much commentary.

People take ivermectin, appropriately dosed at 600 micrograms per kilogram in this acute viral phase, and they get nearly immediate relief. And I’ve seen it firsthand in my patients.”

Wow. Amazing. Sounds like a real miracle drug. Not only is it effective, but it sees rapid results.

So why don’t our health experts recommend this extraordinary drug? Could it be that they are completely naive?

“No one from the White House task force to CDC or NIH who’s ever been on TV or the MHRA, or the TGA in Australia, has actually never ever seen an examined a COVID patient.”

Truly embarrassing. And they’re among the people who piled on the ivermectin smear campaign.

But anyway, let’s get back to how ivermectin works. Dr. Peter McCullough breaks it down.

One. It antagonizes the dangerous spike protein.

“Ivermectin is the only thing that antagonizes the spike protein and also blocks nuclear entry of the virus into the cell. And lastly changes various intracellular inflammatory mediators called kinases. So ivermectin is very dynamic.”

Two. It blocks the nuclear entry of the virus into the cell.

Three. It changes various intracellular inflammatory mediators called kinases.

“So ivermectin is very dynamic.”

It also has the best population data.

“An ecological analysis — hospitals in Mexico stacked with COVID patients — clear out when they start an ivermectin program. Same thing happened in South America. Same thing happened in India. That's the reason why ivermectin gets such a note.”


And ivermectin is not just a helpful drug for COVID, but it’s also considered one of WHO’s essential medicines. In fact, it was responsible for handling the scourge of river blindness in South America and Africa.

So for anyone to come out and call this life-saving medication ‘horse paste’ is either ill-informed or ill-intended. Dr. Peter McCullough argues it’s “crude propaganda.”

“And so for the U.S. FDA, the NIH, and then on one evening, virtually every single talk show host in the United States to refer to ivermectin as horse paste. That’s actually what my co-author John Lee calls ‘crude propaganda.’ That is very intentional, crude propaganda. The message is coming from some office.

When Hitler was running the Nazi regime, he actually had an office of propaganda. We wonder, where is the office of COVID propaganda? Who emanates a message like that? Remember, that message would actually confuse patients! Patients are seeking life-saving treatment, and they can be confused that it’s only a veterinary product. So this intentional propaganda and misinformation, I think it’s going to come at a heavy cost for those who’ve ever said those words.”

I hope so, Peter. The people need accountability. It would be very difficult to heal when the perpetrators, the people responsible for so much death and suffering, get away with their crimes scot-free.

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