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How to Counter a Communist Takeover: Unrestricted Warfare With Investigator Brian O’Shea

“How would I destroy America if I were America’s enemy?”

Originally Published on DailyClout

“How would I destroy America if I were America’s enemy?” hypothesized investigator and combat expert Brian O’Shea.

“I might look at Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield and say, wow, 42, 48 days — perfect war. We can’t fight these Americans kinetically, traditionally. So then I backed up and say, but how could I fight them? I might look beyond that and say, look at what the sanctions did to Iraq. Look at what the non-kinetic means of warfare did to Iraq. Financial damage, embargoes, you name it, brought them to their knees.”

So essentially, as Mr. O’Shea detailed, you don’t want to attack a superpower head-on; you want to weaken them from within.

How would you do that?

The Fall of Rome. Image via

There seem to be innumerable ways. But here are a number of them, as outlined by Mr. O’Shea:

1.) Technology transfer - “stealing their technology and using it against them.”

2.) Fabrication - “I make their people think I’m so powerful that I can’t be stopped. ‘You should just give up.’”

3.) Narcotics warfare - “I might flood the nation with really bad addictive substances that overwhelm the public health system.”

4.) Resources warfare - “I plunder the natural resources of all these other countries so no one else can have them — so that by 2025, everything has to go through me. I am the supply chain center.”

5.) Economic aid warfare - “I pretend I’m helping other countries, especially the ones that don’t like America. But then what I’m really doing is getting into those countries so I can start dictating to them how to run their countries. I might even hand out vaccines to do that — or masks.”

6.) Regulatory warfare - “I get my hands on some elected politicians and get them to start changing laws to favor me — to weaken the country from within.”

7.) Cultural warfare - “I convince a youth through, oh, let’s just try to imagine something, a video app [TikTok] that they all get addicted to, and I change their culture so they start favoring another culture or don’t even realize what their own culture is — almost like a fentanyl for the online world.”

8.) International lawfare - “I find some governing body that can get through the boundaries of all these other countries and start dictating to those people, regardless of their constitution or their sovereignty — how it’s going to be. [Do] you know why? Because there’s an emergency.”

“I could go on and on and on,” O’Shea shared. And all those tactics “might sound familiar to you.”

All of those things I just read off were written in 1999 by two Chinese colonels in a publication called Unrestricted Warfare, O’Shea revealed.

That text is the basis and the core of Chinese military strategy strategically and tactically exercised today. And it’s happening right now. We can see it. And when you start looking at all the little pieces in conjunction, it starts to make sense to you,” remarked O’Shea.

“And I would say this began long before the pandemic,” he attested. I’m going back to 2003 when jobs started going off to China.”

But America is an especially-tough country to topple.

Why? Because it is largely decentralized.

“All these other countries that fell, they were pretty easy. They had a central government. This America, it’s like 50 countries,” explained Mr. O’Shea. And when you go beyond the state level, there are these jurisdictions called counties — and they have their own sovereignty as well.

So how do your subvert that? “Community warfare,” answered Mr. O’Shea. “[The] best way to break that up: lock people down — keep people from meeting.”

But then there’s a layer beneath that: churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues. “And so I’m going to want to start breaking those up. So I’m going to do 27 to 35 peer-reviewed studies at the NIH to say why it’s dangerous, these churches, what they’re doing is so dangerous to the public health.”

And if you can get through the church, you reach the ultimate goal: subverting the family unit.

“Now, there’s precedent for this,” shared. Mr. O’Shea.

“In the 1950s and 60s in China, under Mao, the family became secondary to the state. And we see that everywhere. Mom and Dad don’t matter; disrespect them. These might seem like things that have nothing to do with military strategy, but they are,” he explained.

“They say that the God of war has many faces. So the first rule of unrestricted warfare is there are no rules. Anything goes, and everything is a battlefield, including infiltrating churches, infiltrating families, getting in there, and breaking them up. Because once you break up communities, you’ve got us. Then things fall apart. And the way they work is they attack from the bottom up. The way the CCP gets into countries is at the county, at the town level.”

So how do we fend off this attack?

“It’s pretty easy,” conveyed Mr. O’Shea. Focus on the three F’s: friends, family, and faith.

Friends - “If you’re going to fight someone who’s trying to break up your community, start with your friends. Keep a lookout in the community. What’s going on? Nothing is innocuous. We got this far. Some bad people in this country were able to gain so much power because we’re all pretty nice people. They’ll say, well, it’s just a tree. I guess they can cordon that off and do some experiments on it. Or they’re just doing their own lifestyle living. Let’s let that go. But they grow, and they grow, and they grow. And so, you have to keep an eye on that stuff. And then legally, stop it, question it — make it hard to do. And nothing is too small.”

• Family - “My lovely wife [Dr. Naomi Wolf] forced me and my son to have dinner at the table. We’re like, *exhale* let’s just watch some TV. Come on. And then she forced him to be very, very polite,” shared O’Shea. “And it was worth it,” he expressed, “because he now has a sense of the importance of family, the importance of manners, the importance of ethics and values. And those are our islands right there, those kids.”

Faith - “And we have to grow them up in having values, believing in something, something good, believing in God, I believe.”

“And so, that way, they have a compass,” he emphasized, “because the way you wreck a country and take it over is you take away people’s vision of their path to home. If they don’t know how to get home, they will give up. But if they can see home, and Sun Tzu said this — they’ll fight to the death.”

• One other tip, investigate everything - “If you’ve ever heard the case of Kitty Genovese, the girl who got murdered in the courtyard at her apartment while a bunch of people watched. That happened because everyone else thought someone else would call the cops. No one’s calling the cops. You are the cops now. And so what I’m saying is investigate everything, fight it, and collaborate.”

Now is the time to strengthen our relationships with friends, family, and God — because we are approaching two major waypoints.

1.) 2025, Made in China - “That’s when China will own the entire supply chain of the world. If they have Taiwan, and if they have control of all the semiprecious minerals to make semiconductors. One of the biggest stores of those minerals is in Afghanistan, where they are today mining them. The other one, Tibet,” detailed O’Shea.

2.) The China Dream, 2049. The 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party - The goal is that they rule the world. Don’t believe it? “This is something they have said,” stressed O’Shea. “It's our own translators that say, yeah, they said they want to smite us from the Earth. But we don't believe them. They're funny that way. “No, they're not,” attested O’Shea. “They're very serious, and they're not hiding it.”

So, again, friends, family, faith, and building like-minded communities are key.

“Because the biggest nightmare of any enemy attacking this country is the fact that there's a bunch of communities that govern themselves and don't want anyone telling them what to do. And once they link up with other like communities, it’s unstoppable. And they know that.”

For more insights from investigator Brian O’Shea, you can find his work on Substack:

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