Ice Cube Gives One of the Best Answers Ever on Why He Chose Not to Get Jabbed

"There's no repercussions if they're wrong. But I get all the repercussions if they're wrong."

Tucker Carlson released his latest episode on Twitter (X) Tuesday evening, titled “Ep. 10 Stay in your lane: our drive through South Central LA with Ice Cube.”

During his car ride conversation with famous rapper and actor Ice Cube, the topic of “Why wouldn’t you take the vax? came up. Ice Cube gave one of the best three-minute responses imaginable.

Here is the transcript:

TUCKER: Why wouldn't you take the vax? You had a direct order to take it. You were told to take it.

ICE CUBE: Yeah, I'm not real good with direct orders, but on a whole another note.

TUCKER: But it was a command. I'm sorry. They told you. I mean, they couldn't have been clearer about it.

ICE CUBE: Yeah, it was pretty clear. Did you take it?

TUCKER: Of course not.

ICE CUBE: Yeah, no, it wasn't ready. It was a six-month kind of rush job and. . . and I didn't feel safe.

TUCKER: But they told you you were safe.

ICE CUBE: I know what they said. I know what they said, and I heard them. I heard them loud and clear. But it's not their decision. There's no repercussions if they're wrong. But I get all the repercussions if they're wrong.

TUCKER: Was it a tough call for you?

ICE CUBE: No, it wasn't a tough call. I wanted to be an example for my kids, really make sure they wouldn't take it either. Show them that I want to stand on my convictions and that I was willing to lose $9 million and more because we've probably lost more since then.

TUCKER: The idea is that people who stand on their convictions are heroes. They're brave. They have principles. They're the people we look to for inspiration. But in this case, with this decision and these principles, you were not hailed as a hero. No. You were attacked.

ICE CUBE: I never told anyone not to get vaccinated publicly. That was never my message to the world. I didn't even want people to know whether I got vaccinated or not. I was pretty upset that that even came out because I was just going to quietly just not take it and deal with the consequences as they came.

TUCKER: Do you know anyone who was injured by the vaccine?

ICE CUBE: I do. And they suffer every day. And it's hard to watch. Suffering in silence is not the answer all the time. You know, sometimes you gotta let people know what's going on so you can actually move the needle. Choose to be vocal. If it's true, why can't I say it?

TUCKER: Well, you can't say it because it is true.

ICE CUBE: There it is. Now, that's the problem with the world today.

TUCKER: There's no penalty for lying. No one's ever punished for lying. It's only telling the truth. It gets you in trouble.

ICE CUBE: Ain't that something?

TUCKER: That's true.

ICE CUBE: Yeah, that is so true.

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