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Inconvenient Data: Canada Purges the Evidence That More Shots Are Leading to MORE Death

Poof! Gone! Data deleted. They can't allow you to make a negative association with the jab.

Governments across the globe have made it very difficult to get access to reliable data on these injections. But for a brief moment in Canada, the British Columbia CDC did its job.

According to their data, between March 20 and April 16, 2022, 63% of all people infected with COVID-19 had received a booster shot. And 73% percent of all people dying with/from COVID had received a booster.

That doesn't sound very good... You then look up the percentage of Canadians who had a booster shot at the time and discover that it was only 47%.

After some quick math, the boosted demographic was 34% MORE LIKELY to contract COVID and 55% MORE LIKELY to die with/from COVID than those who received two shots, one shot, or no shots at all.

They then updated their website with numbers from May through July, and the number of boosted people infected with COVID jumped to 76%.

But on July 28, in a very “non-suspicious” fashion, the data disappeared from their website. Poof! Gone! Nothing to see here.

Luckily, a few other countries have somewhat done their job, and the data is not looking good for the booster shots.

Manitoba had similar numbers to Canada: 70% of people who died from COVID had received boosters, and in the UK, 73% who died from COVID had received boosters.

So, according to a leading Dutch vaccinologist, along with the math displayed earlier, there is a high temporal correlation between the number of people who’ve received boosters and the number of excess deaths.

Edward Dowd would agree with this temporal association.

He showed that in Q3 2021 (mandates), there was an 84% increase in excess mortality in the millennial cohort.

“This is what we call democide, death by government.”

And the British Medical Journal Published a not-so-comforting study.

Out of 100 nursing home patients who passed away, they concluded that 36% of the deaths were likely or possible from the shots.

The review reported on 19 May and concluded that a causal link between the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and death was considered “likely” in 10 of the 100 cases, “possible” in 26 cases, and “unlikely” in 59 cases. The remaining five were deemed “unclassifiable.”

So Dr. Peterson Pierre poses this question:

If these shots may produce serious side effects and may even accelerate death in some people, why are the governments of the world still promoting mandatory shots for the entire population?

Great question. In the case of Canada, where we’ve shown they’re actively hiding the data, how do you explain their reasoning for pushing the shots? Let me know in the comments below.


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