Signed and on its way. This is a story that must be told not only to the American people but the entire world. The level of evil belying this debacle is stunning. There is zero probability that they were ignorant of Ivermectin’s efficacy. This a calculated assault on an effective drug in order to push their murderous agenda. A pox on them

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I wonder if Alex Berenson is still going to be in denial about Ivermectin...🤷‍♂️

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I’m glad he won over Twitter but what a dolt when it comes to IVM. First of all, a smart journalist should have realized that the real angle was the safety of ivermectin- not the efficacy. There was no reason for doctors not to allow people to just take the drug. It is one of the safest drugs of all time. Even if it literally only saved 50 people everyone should have been able to take it. Once they started attacking the safety with made up bullshit it was obvious there could only be one reason: because it was also effective and they knew it.

Ivermectin is the smoking gun. And Alex should realize and admit that.

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I don't think he will....... "They should be pulled for all but the people most vulnerable to Covid (those over 75 or with severe comorbidities); really, they should be pulled for those people too, but I would rather not argue about them." https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/just-emailed-this-to-a-reporter-i/comments?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

It's worth reading the comments.....some readers really let him have it..... I know a lot of people unsubscribed from him for various reasons recently but I figure it's better to know what he is thinking and up to....he really doesn't care if you unsubscribe... this way, you can still have a conversation and let him know that there are people who disagree with him.....

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Spot on! 👍

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Someone needs to send this link to Rachel


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I took IVM prophylactically for 2 years. Thinking covid has ended I stopped. 4 weeks later I had covid (mildly) for the first time.

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Actually Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were always on the list. I checked on this list 2 years ago or so. It could be that the list was edited for the vaccine push, but it was there.

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This could have saved millions of lives. If someone you know died or ended up in the hospital and didn’t have access to this ultra safe medication, you should be furious.

Even if it only saved 10% more lives that would have been 60 million people. But - if as the 90 peer reviewed studies now show - that number is closer to 300 million, and maybe even 500 million people that could have been saved.

Ask yourself WHY? Why was it demonized?

All of our systems have been corrupted by a colluding group of globalists.

We need to start talking about solutions. Like this:


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The TRUTH comes out...FINALLY!!!!

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So I guess I still can’t walk into my pharmacy and buy it OTC just yet. Mail order it is, then, for the time being. Or I could also go to my local Tractor Supply. 😉

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This from the English-language news outlet for the CCP in China - in February of 2020. That's right, 2020:

Something's Not Right Here Folks

Gobal Times, February 8, 2020


"Medical researchers are already discovering that certain existing anti-viral medications seem to be effective against this Corona virus."

"...whether or not a person specifically does have the Corona virus or some other viral bug presenting as pneumonia, the treatment is the same supportive treatment anyway."

This CCP-officially authorized commentary told us the truth of CV early on. As did coronavirus skeptics here early on. The real science told the truth. Before political science took control of infectious disease. Now the real science, the truth is catching up. As it will do. After a lie has circled the globe millions of times over several years.

Everyone should do themselves a favor and read the link above for great insights into the minds of our adversaries. And the links below. While they tout the advantages of their authoritarian containment measures, it's expected in their system of government. Not ours. Not in western liberal democracies. Not before March, 2020, that is.

More insights into our main adversary's mind:

COVID-19 reveals countries’ differing capacity

Global Times, April 22, 2020


""The key to improving state capacity lies in how to boost the leading role of their own governance system, not breaking away or subverting the existing one." "[Western countries] are subject to different systems and traditions that impede them from directly copying China. Even if they do, the effect will be just the opposite." [Translation: Stick with what you do best in your nation. If you do liberal democracy lean into it during the pandemic, apply that governing model. Don't try to copy our system. It won't fit and you'll end up with an even worse outcome than us and than what you'd have had in your liberal democratic system. They gave good advice. They were right. Our own homegrown sophisticated betters ignored them.] "

Finding fault with China a symptom of West’s ideological crisis

Global Times, March 11, 2020


These articles and many others, many editorials, were put out as a response to Pres. Trump's travel ban, which, truth of the matter, was the beginning of the politicization of influenza. Despite his assertions, the bans did NOT save millions of people, respiratory illness influenza does not respect borders. China warned the US of this fact, that making infectious disease political would have bad outcomes. It's why the WHO and CDC pandemic plans prior to 2020 recommended against travel bans, reasoning that, when nations blame other nations for infecting them that other nation's leaders blame their people for infecting each other, and civil liberties and rights in democracies are lost. They were right.

I don't put all of the blame on Pres. Trump. He was surrounded by liars and enemies subverting and destroying his presidencey from within, had few he could trust, was just coming out of impeachment hoax #1 that even Republicans allowed to move forward. His instincts to go against the early advice of people like Fauci, while understandable, was wrong in this case. The travel bans politicized infectious disease. That destroyed what was left of his presidency and made the theft of his reelection plausible. Tragic. But can't say the CCP didn't warn us. Even about the efficacy of antivirals like Ivermectin.

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Signed and I hope we are heard. It’s really hard to understand the level of coordinated evil that exists in this world.

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Sep 3, 2022·edited Sep 3, 2022

NAC is back on amazon


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Right....so wouldn't the public think, "if they lied about this, maybe they lied about other things"....how does your thinking not go there....I am hopeful but not......

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I saw that too.

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