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Japanese Professor Upends Ministry of Health: Disband Vax Committee, Investigate All Injuries

“There has been thought to be widespread harm that has transpired, which surmounts to billions of lives that may be in danger.”

“Fool! I have had enough,” lashed out Professor Masanori Fukushima to the Japanese Ministry of Health. And it was not a good day for ministers after Fukushima swore to “correct things properly.”

Masanori Fukushima is an infectious disease expert and Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University — with over 25 years of oncology experience.

The viral video of Fukushima is included above — but the subtitles, I’ve been told, are not entirely accurate. So I sent this video to a professional Japanese translator to get a complete and precise transcript of this monumental moment. Here it is:

“But the Japanese doctors are capable, so they realized that we should use steroids immediately and sent out a guideline around June. Then, the death rate sharply declined. That's before the vaccine. So for this vaccine, without academic insight, the people that directed the use of it, it is a sin. The harm done worldwide has become an issue.”

Fukushima begins to read.

“In an article published recently, many that received the vaccine — there has been thought to be widespread harm that has transpired, which surmounts to billions of lives that may be in danger. For the Health Agencies, the issues that have been presented need to be proven with proof to be irrelevant to the Ministry of Health and Labor. Or acknowledge that it is the case, and act accordingly. Then, for every individual, this information needs to be widespread, with everyone on the same page medically.”

Fukushima stops reading and directs his hand at the Ministry.

“This article has been translated and distributed to everyone, so read it thoroughly!”

“Another thing, after receiving the vaccine, half of deaths were from effects on their nerves and heart, among the causes of death. You understand, right? Alpha, gamma, beta, and doing all that dumb stuff by gathering incompetent scholars, completely ignoring science and medicine.”


Fukushima makes a thrusting motion with his hand angrily.

“This cannot happen ever again. This is a country of science and technology. Ignoring science and medicine, eroding our healthcare, it's a mess! Dream to reality, we're seeing how much urgent care we've had. Everyone that received this vaccine and had their blood pressure rise is all because of this vaccine. Nearly 2,000 people, but the actual deaths, I believe, are several times that. Most have given up hope. Given up hope, I say! They just so happened to conduct an autopsy and submitted an opinion piece, but it's left untouched! What are they doing? There's no reason to hide these facts.”

“Prior harm from medicine was also similar,” noted Fukushima. “There was great suffering. No matter what, we have to eradicate the drug-induced sufferings. This country has learned its lesson about drug-induced sufferings, and it has become that country,” lamented the Kyoto University professor as he made several more hammering motions onto the table.

“But we forcefully ignored it, to spend trillions of yen to import vaccines. That's why it barely settles down. Last year, vaccine use was thought to become widespread, and the pandemic coming to a close because of it — that I felt was a pipedream among the expert journals. That is a misconception. We finally started to grasp this. Also, for the nanoparticles... and... how dangerous it is to wrap it into nanoparticles and throw it in. Various cells will absorb that and transform. We know that now. The mechanism is clear.”

Fukushima then hammers away at the Ministry of Health and demands investigations into injuries.

“Immediately dissolve the evaluation committee and investigate all cases. This is the conclusion. Investigate all cases! Everybody that received the vaccine then felt worse; everyone notify medical institutions. We can't be dragging our feet. Cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, susceptibility to infections, it will all go to the brain. Nanoparticles will be absorbed by the brain. The scientists that are dumb will say, "They can't cross the blood barrier, so it's okay." I want to say, "You must be stupid." Natural immunity is being suppressed. The reason why it didn't spread in Japan at first was because they have IgA in their saliva, and they have this resistance to Corona. However, due to the vaccine, natural immunity has been shut down. Natural immunity was suppressed; that's why this happened. It won't subside at all. It will spread more and more.”

He then laughs at how it is the vaccinated getting infected, not the unvaccinated.

“Did you calculate the breakthrough infections? Most people were breakthrough infections. It's not the unvaccinated that are infected. It's the vaccinated that infect each other. The Ministry of Health and Labor publicized data that clarifies all of this. I will speak on this later.”

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*Switch scenes*

“If anything, everybody respond to this tomorrow. Report it properly to the newspapers and the press and also to members of the Diet.”

*Switch scenes*

“People have shown where they received their shots.”

*Switch scenes*

Fukushima here scolds the Ministry of Health directly.

“So I'm saying to investigate! Going by a piece of paper that was brought up is not right. Look at the medical records and investigate properly. There's no question about it. Are we going to do science? Are we trying to erase evidence? Do the right thing, or you're just going to have a criminal lawsuit. Enough is enough. I don't want to hear about it. Nobody will be convinced by that.”

A man from the Health Ministry replied, “Of course, it is not to plainly evaluate, but…”

There is no way to evaluate!” howled Fukushima. “What you need, see the medical records properly — the data — look at it case by case thoroughly. People's lives are at stake.

Yes, we will make every effort to do so,” replied the man.

Fool! I have had enough,” projected Fukushima.

Yes,” said the man with a head nod.

Fukushima continues.

“Having gathered the members of the academy and diet, we can't repeat the likes of this! From the start, we need to bring this to light with the power of science. Which means you disband the foolish organization that is the Vaccine Causality Evaluation Committee. Have an investigation committee to investigate all cases. In order to do that, properly include statisticians and decent scholars. Then, do the investigations. Like Dr. Sano said, if there are samples of tissues, what kind of process will we proceed with? This is being researched worldwide already. Japan's restoration is at stake.”

Fukushima then drops a shocking statistic.

“So many vaccines have been administered. At the Ministry of Health that is waving the flag in encouragement; only 10% have been vaccinated. Is this a joke?!” he asked in disgust.

“First, this needs to be clarified. Immediately disband the Vaccine Causality Evaluation Committee and investigate all the cases. You must identify all deaths and unreported deaths. Thousands and tens of thousands of lives are at stake!”

“And one more thing,” raised Fukushima.

“This vaccine, we don't know the long-term effects. Many nanoparticles absorbed into the body will ceaselessly produce spike proteins. People will wonder why they feel progressively more ill. Suddenly, gets worse. Blood pressure spikes out of nowhere. Eczema out of nowhere. When we investigate, we find spike proteins. But at this point of diagnosis, it has already moved into the next phase. We need to immediately stop vaccinations and take care of the health of all these cases. That's what this article says!

People incapable of properly comprehending the cutting edge of science are called upon, and the press also shows these people where they always repeat the same thing. It's foolishness! Foolishness on display. I'm not here for the process, yadda yadda. I am here today to correct things properly. That's why I am here.”

Wow! Incredible presence from Professor Masanori Fukushima with this key stand to end the nonsense. Hopefully, this stirs up some courage for others to take note of his lead and follow.

H/T: Bright Light News

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