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Joe Rogan Hilariously Describes People With ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

Sounds pretty accurate.

“That Trump Derangement Syndrome – that’s a real thing.”

Here are the common personality traits, according to Rogan:

• Virtue signalers

• Loud

• Don’t have their own sh*t together

• Life is in chaos

• Mentally unstable

That sounds pretty accurate to me.

Rogan also finds it almost pitiful that people with TDS “never get a win”:

“As you start losing, and Trump’s the president now, and you’re like, ‘He’s going to get arrested. He’s going to get arrested.’ And he never gets arrested. And then they got to take him off the ballot. ‘Take him off the ballot. He’s an insurrectionist!’ Nope! Supreme Court says unanimously, no. ‘Ahh!’ It’s like it just like it further compounds, and you never get a win. You never get a win.

“You got a little bit of a win when Biden won. And then the chaos after the Biden administration and all the things that we knew were true, that he’s mentally compromised, all those things come down to be — that's not a win. So then you're just in this constant state of anxiety and chaos and saying nonsense things, like almost like he would want you to come after him because you came after him so hard.”

Full Episode:

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