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Joe Rogan Says We’re Empowering ‘EVIL’ With Terms Like ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’

He’s right, you know.

JOE ROGAN: “It's so crazy that we've always protected children from influence. We've always protected children from bad decisions. That's why you can't get a tattoo — before you're 18 years old.”

JAMES LINDSAY: “They have to because they're soft targets. You're 100% right. But they're after childhood innocence. They say that, too. There are papers against childhood innocence saying that it's a social construct meant to protect some kids and not others and meant to preserve normalcy and white heteronormativity and all of this other crap.”

JOE ROGAN: “That's whY the term minor-attracted persons freaks me the fuck out. Yeah. When you're trying to normalize pedophilia, you're trying to normalize people who want to fuck kids. That's crazy. And by the way, it's almost always men. You are empowering the creepiest of creeps. the creepy creeps. the monsters of the male species, the ones, if you want to talk about men, like men being toxic, the most toxic. You're empowering the evil ones, the ones infected by demons that want them to go fuck kids. You're empowering them by telling them that it's an identity?”


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