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Just Say NO to Masks, Lockdowns, and the Monkeypox Shots

“Please don't fall for this part two of the same story.”

Buckle up. The monkeypox narrative is still ramping up, and conveniently, ‘the Science™’ has changed again. Some ‘experts’ now believe that monkeypox, similar to the perspective on COVID, can spread among individuals asymptomatically.

This contrasts with what is still on the CDC’s website, where you see nothing mentioned about such a phenomenon. But make sure to screenshot this image in case the CDC tries anything funny.

But what are the REAL experts saying that aren’t direct mouthpieces of Big Pharma or the government?

Let’s turn America’s Frontline Doctors’ Dr. Peterson Pierre.

What are the symptoms? Pretty similar to any other virus.




Body aches and fatigue.

Then a few days later, you’re going to develop a rash, which is basically a bunch of tiny little pustules, similar in appearance to chickenpox.

How do you avoid it?

“Basically, avoid any direct contact with blood or bodily fluids or any oozing sores from infected people. This is not an airborne virus. So you don't have to worry about wearing masks or quarantine or anything like that.”


What do you do for symptom management?

Stay hydrated just like you would for any other virus.

Increase your intake of zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, all these things that normally work for viruses, because you want to be able to boost your immune system and your healing.

What about treatment?

"I would definitely recommend zinc and magnesium, vitamin C and D, quercetin, NAC, and glutathione which are our body's very potent antioxidants."

Now, here’s the most important bit of advice.

“You want to say no to masks, no to lockdowns, and no to quarantine.”

But wouldn’t it be easier just to take a vaccine?

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“The CDC has already said we have no data to show any effectiveness for this vaccine. And it’s already been shown to cause myocarditis.”

“Sound familiar? Please don't fall for this part two of the same story.”

Thanks, Dr. Peterson Pierre, for this quick round-up. For more quick videos in two minutes or less, please follow America’s Frontline Doctors on their Rumble Channel.

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