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Kari Lake Harnesses Her Inner Peter McCullough and Unloads an Array of Truth Bombs Against the Jab

“You see these soccer players who have the healthiest hearts on the planet, and they’re dropping dead on the field — after these shots.”

Kari Lake is impressive.

There’s only a handful of American politicians (Ron DeSantis, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, Jim Jordan, etc.) that dare say anything negative about the COVID-19 shot, and even they do so in a roundabout way.

But not Kari Lake. She’s proving to have no qualms about smears or attacks and is speaking her mind — unfiltered and without restraint.

In light of the unanimous 15-0 vote news, Chris Salcedo asked her, “Should we force children to get the China virus jab as a condition of attending Gov Ed?”

“Absolutely not!” said Kari.

This will not be happening in Arizona; our children are not guinea pigs. This is an experimental shot. We have the intelligence to do a little research on it; we’ve seen the VAERS reports.

Even though the media is not covering it — and the media is part and parcel to pushing this agenda. We’re not going to force our children to get an experimental shot – that when you even look at whether this works – the efficacy of it – it’s questionable.

Now, that’s about where even the most daring officeholders stop.

But Kari turned it up to a level I’ve not seen yet from an American politician.

Look at who’s getting COVID in record numbers: the people who’ve already gotten the shots! And then we look at our young, healthy population, Chris. You see these soccer players who have the healthiest hearts on the planet, and they’re dropping dead on the field — after getting these shots. You’re seeing people who’ve had no health problems after they get the shots; they all of a sudden have a plethora of health problems.

We will not be forcing any child to get an experimental shot in order to get an education – not in Arizona. We will push back against these unelected bureaucrats in the CDC and every other government agency. They are not elected by the people, and they do not control the people.



Just to hear those words from someone of high profile – who hasn’t been imprisoned in the dark corners of the internet – is refreshing to see. I’ll definitely be rooting for her victory in November.

If you want to know who’s the local Kari Lake in your area, check out, as it will give you a quick overview of who represents medical freedom in your state.

Thanks for reading.

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