They knew.

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What about miscarriage & stillbirths?

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My Cousin Vinny - Let me see, get Covid or take an experimental shot that maybe permanently damages you and if it does, you have no way to sue for damages…….Um, I think I’ll go with GETTING COVID.

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EVERY VACCINE CAUSES HARM....period...all you need to hear and Know!!

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"Today's Conspiracies, may well be Tomorrows Truths"....

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In the Pfizer and Moderna gold-standard randomized clinical trials, excess cardiovascular deaths with vaccination canceled out the COVID death reduction, even at the height of the pandemic and at peak effectiveness. These gold-standard clinical trials are the ONLY studies equipped to directly examine the causal effects of mRNA vaccination, and they are the ONLY truly unbiased evidence on the mortality effects of mRNA vaccination, but because the clinical trial mortality results are unfavorable we never hear about them.

COVID deaths: 2 vaccine vs. 5 placebo (-60%)

non-COVID deaths: 29 vaccine vs. 25 placebo (+16%)

cardiovascular-related deaths: 16 vaccine vs. 11 placebo (+45%)

Overall: 4 excess non-COVID deaths for every 3 less COVID deaths (4 KILLED FOR EVERY 3 SAVED)



And in these clinical trials, almost all excess deaths in the vaccine groups were DELAYED by least a few months. Within the first month things looked "fine" in the trials, with almost no excess vaccine-related deaths. But by 6 months, the Pfizer and Moderna trials BOTH had 40-50% excess cardiovascular deaths and 15-17% excess non-COVID deaths overall with vaccination compared to placebo.

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The study funded by the same bodies that created the problem. And only looked at the list of approved adverse events. Just like how past conspiracies became acceptable, the list of accepted adverse events is only going to grow.

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My question. On other sm sites, I run into those who love vax, say it's safe etc, non vaxxed at great danger. Why hasn't truth seeped thru?

Why aren't vaxxed extremely alarmed?

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My man! Conspiracy Theorists were right back then. Check out what conspiracy theorists are now saying about the virus itself: https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/why-it-does-matter

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So, Mass Murder. Known. Distributed. And if "anybody" says what we really want, VENGEANCE IS AS GOOD AS JUSTICE. Name NAMES. Do Lists. The Purge Cometh. Politicians. Doctors. Bureaucrats. BigSick Board Members. Major Stockholders... WE want your heads. 😑

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Now we're finding out that the vaccines are bad? The "authorities" have known this all along.

There were NIH documents dated April, 2019 which outlined the dangers of mRNA tech. The problem wasn't the delivery method, it was mRNA itself.

I link to the document here:


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They knew, yes. Those of us with eyes wide open saw the risks very quickly. We were attacked, marginalized and censored. If we knew the risks early from the outside, they definitely knew the risks from the inside.

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My insurance company called me, wanted to help me get scheduled for flu shot!!!!!! Wthell

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Fox and all,

Can we FINALLY focus on SOLUTIONS for America’s shameful condition???

Where do all SOLUTIONS begin?

NOTHING else matters in America in 2024 unless SOLUTIONS start here…

1. STOPPING THE VACCINES…This issue MUST be solved at 50 state level with doctors and scientists UNITING with Janci Lindsay, PhD, all working together with strategic planners!


For only Patriotic Lions who understand how important it is to do something at this critical time in America…



No 2024 ELECTION INTEGRITY = No More America!

P.S. Are you part of the doable SOLUTIONS or part of America’s problems?

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Just wait long enough...

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As a doctor when I explain risk to patients I point out to them that the % risk is the risk of getting the problem NOT the risk of how severe the problem will be.

A 1% risk means that 1 in 100 will have the problem NOT that the problem will be 1% in severity.

If there is a 1% risk of a transient skin rash you may be willing to take it.

But IF THE RISK FOR DEATH IS 1% AND YOU ARE THE 1 IN 100 WHO GETS IT - YOU WILL BE 100% DEAD NOT 1% DEAD. Likewise in this scenario if the risk of Guillian Barre is 1% and you get it you will be 100% paralyzed etc., etc. for all listed risks.


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