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Lee Zeldin Stands up for Unvaxed New Yorkers, Denounces COVID Vax Mandates in Any Shape or Form

"Everyone who has been fired should be offered their jobs back with back pay."

Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin is closing in on Kathy Hochul. The Democrat incumbent held as much as a 19-point lead back in August, but as of October 20, it has now shrunk to 6. And the gap is likely to shrink further after Zeldin’s debate performance last night (10/25/22).

One of yesterday’s key highlights was his response to this question by the moderator.

To Mr. Zeldin. Public school students are required to be vaccinated for everything from chickenpox to measles. But you’ve said you will not require COVID vaccines for students — but the CDC is recommending it. Can you explain your thinking?

“Sure,” replied Zeldin.

And where my opponent just said she will not mandate COVID vaccines at this time. Let me be clear to all the parents who are out there: I will not mandate COVID vaccines for your kids ever! I don't believe that there should be COVID vaccine mandates right now for our kids at SUNY and CUNY, community colleges, and elsewhere. Where just over a year ago, a whole bunch of heroes were turned into zeros – tens of thousands of people – because of my opponents’ healthcare worker COVID mandate.

The moderator then interrupts. “What about polio vaccine?”

“Can I just finish a point?” responded Zeldin.

I believe that that [COVID vax] mandate was wrong and that everyone who has been fired should be offered their jobs back with back pay. And there shouldn't be any special celebrity COVID vaccine mandates like what we saw for people play for the Mets or the Yankees or the Nets. If you want to have a special celebrity exemption, how about the NYPD officers? FDNY? Teachers? Healthcare workers?

We saw Brooklyn nets star Kyrie Irving speak out with this same sentiment in September.

If I can work and be unvaccinated, then all of my brothers and sisters who are also unvaccinated should be able to do the same, without being discriminated against, vilified, or fired.

Back to Zeldin

I do not support COVID vaccine mandates in any way, shape, or form. You want to deal with a healthcare worker shortage upstate in hospitals — having services impacted? Well then, offer the people their jobs back. And by the way, do it with back pay.

I cannot agree more. And so does Judge Porzio — who struck down vaccine mandates NYC city workers on Monday, calling them “arbitrary and capricious.”

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This race is tightening up and getting interesting. But I believe a state like New York, where many are fleeing, could use its first Republican governor in 20 years.

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