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Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You - Episode 20


#10 - Explosive report unveils the shocking truth about skin cancer and the sun.

#9 - Biden’s surprise live interview with Howard Stern goes sideways.

#8 - US birth rates plummet to lowest levels since 1979, failing to exceed replacement rate.

#7 - Michael Avenatti flips the script on Stormy Daniels. He says he is now willing to testify on Trump’s behalf.

#6 - Robert Kennedy Jr. reveals what the NIH isn’t telling you about mass shootings.

#5 - Biden wants to give himself “COVID-like” powers by declaring a climate emergency.

#4 - British thought police enter a Christian man’s home over a social media post.

#3 - Arizona Governor vetoes bill requiring proof of residency to vote.

#2 - Medical whistleblower says COVID jabs caused patients to “die so horrifically, so quickly.”

#1 - Elon Musk claps back at Australia’s censorship regime after Senator called for him to “be jailed” for allowing “misinformation” on  𝕏.

Plus, an exclusive interview with Senator Alex Antic on the rise of the global censorship regime. (Watch)


BONUS #1 - Deleted Interview: Attorney Drops Alarming Claims on the Alex Jones Show

BONUS #2 - Could You Last a Week Without Food?

BONUS #3 - How to Get Ivermectin, Z-Pak, and More

Thank you for joining us this week. We’ll be with another episode next Sunday at 6 PM Eastern (subscribe so you don’t miss it).


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